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    Aurora Units are a network of bio-mechanical supercomputers that run various scientific and menial tasks for settlements in the Galactic Federation.

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    An early teaser for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption featured a short video on the existence of Galactic Federation bio-mechanical computers known as Aurora Units. At the end of this video, a still of what appears to be Mother Brain in her chamber as seen in Super Metroid appears, implying it is an Aurora Unit. However, in Metroid Prime 3, it is stated that the Galactic Federation designed and commissioned the Aurora Unit Network, so it would appear that the units are reverse-engineered from the Mother Brain. The presence of MB in Metroid Other M further cements the concept of the Galactic Federation medling in this kind of technology. The aforementioned video of the Aurora Unit could have been a structure similar to Sector Zero, an attempt to recreate Tourian.

    The Galactic Federation Aurora Units are all linked in a network, and those that acquire viruses, become uncontrollable, or any other such malady will be cut from the network to make sure the malady does not spread. Three Aurora Units are encounted in Metroid Prime 3. One aboard the GFS Olympus, another in Skytown and lastly the one the space pirates stole from GFS Valhalla.


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