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Austin Powers is a movie themed pinball machine developed and manufactured by Stern Pinball. The machine is based on the Austin Powers movie franchise.


Time Machine

Shoot the ball up the Time Machine 4 times to activate: Multi-Ball.

Fat Bastard/Toilet

Shoot the ball four times into the toilet and you will begin Fat Bastard Multi-ball.

Spinning Mini-Me

Spin Mini-Me four times and you will begin Mini-Me Hurry Up Mode.

MOJO Multi-Ball

The player must hit the MOJO targets and Dr. Evil will come up from his layer. Hit Dr. Evil to get Multi-Ball.

International Man of Mystery Hole (Dancing Austin)

Official description:

I will not tolerate your insolence! So hit the Austin Power (AP) targets and Mystery will light at the scoop.

Or...light Extra Ball by starting any one of the 6 modes, spelling SHAG, completing Fat Bastard Multi-ball, or from Mystery.

Or...hit the MOJO targets on the left side to light MOJO Multi-ball, then bash Dr. Evil to regain your MOJO.

Starting all 6 modes (Mini-Me, Fat Bastard, Time Machine, Laser Beam, Subterranean Drill, and Evil Henchmen) will light Virtucon Multi-ball. Completing all 6 modes will start Moonbase Multi-ball.


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