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A former editor at Giant Bomb, Austin Walker is the Editor-in-Chief at Waypoint.


  • Professa Killah
  • DJ Professor A
  • The Black Marx
  • The New Nietzsche
  • Real Names No Gimmicks
  • Bars von Trier
  • Wes Melanin
  • Black Rushmore
  • Yung Kafka
  • The Galactus of the Game
  • KRS−Three
  • Doctor Brooklyn
  • Karl Marx Zuckerberg
  • Earn Cheese Sanders
  • Kanye East
  • Caramel Caesar
  • Big Texture
  • Arkane Austin
  • The Editor in Beef
  • Yung Jung
  • Black Clark Kent
  • The Half-Blood Prince
  • The Ozymandias of the Octagon
  • Malcolm Y
  • The Black Clark Kent
  • The Half-Blood Prince
  • Walter Benjamins
  • Andre 2999
  • Swagneto
  • LeBron Games
  • Jean-Luc Go-Hard
  • David Foster Flawless
  • The Austin Walker of Video Game Wrestling
  • Spiitake Covfefe
  • Defective Honk (with a strange case of OCD since the tragic death of his wife son, Trudy Sickle)
  • Crowbar
  • Dad
  • Slaybraham Lincoln
  • The Radical Black Beatle, John Lenin
  • Rift Walker
  • Papa Bear

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