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    Auto is a supporting character in the original Mega Man series. He supply Mega Man with items that he could use in battle.

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    Auto (Also known as Rightot in Japan) is a recurring character in the original Mega Man series. He is Dr. Light's mechanic, and can built useful items/upgrades for Mega Man with use of bolts that Mega Man gives him.


    He first made his appearance in Mega Man 7 in the beginning of the game, driving a cart with Mega Man and Roll along with him. He also runs a item shop that is located inside a giant robot that resembles Eddie - inside the robot contains Auto and Eddie. Mega Man can stop by at anytime and can have Auto built useful items for Mega Man by supplying bolts that Mega Man finds in the levels of the game.
    "Lets do it!"
      In Mega Man 8, the item store takes place in Dr. Light's lab which is run by Roll. But Auto stills makes his appearance in the game. In the Rush Jet sections in Tengu Man's stage and the second level of Dr. Wily's fortress, Wily Tower, Auto appears as a assist for Mega Man and Rush - he appears with a bazooka and shoots out explosive missile.    

    Possible References in the X Series

    In Sting Chameleon's stage in Mega Man X, the reploid that's guarding the armor capsule, RT-55J, bares a resemblances to Auto.  Though it's just a rumor, the fact that RT-55J only makes a appearances as the guarding for Dr. Light's capsules, could be a references to Auto.
    The reploid on the left, could that be Auto?
    The reploid on the left, could that be Auto?
    In Volt Catfish's intro in the PlayStation and Saturn version of Mega Man X3, Volt Catfish will swim through a tunnel while passing by a window with a reploid - that bares a striking resemblances to Auto - watching TV.

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