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    Used frequently in training lessons for Live For Speed, the Autocross consists of a parking lot, a skidpad, and a drag strip.

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    Sometimes referred to as the Test Area, the Autocross is the only location in Live For Speed without any closed circuits. Instead, it is a collection of spaces suitable for using the autocross editor to create custom time trial tracks. The training feature often utilizes custom tracks in the Autocross to help educate the player on how the cars handle. In addition, many servers use the Autocross's customization features for autocross challenges, short-track banger racing, or drag racing.


    The Autocross offers four configurations. While the redundantly-named Autocross is the most popular for autocross courses or small circuit tracks, the 8 Lane Drag is typically the most popular choice for drag racing servers.


    • Grid Size: 16 cars
    Autocross is a large L-shaped parking lot. The lot is walled in with various barricades and fencing, and is flat save for a few grass islands, pylons, and hay bales around the edges. Starting lights hang over the parking lot on one edge.

    Skid Pad

    • Grid Size: 16 cars
    The skid pad consists of a flat section of pavement with a series of circles in its center. It's ideal for small custom tracks, or for testing a car's grip while turning at speed.

    Drag Strip

    • Grid Size: 2 cars
    While custom layouts can be applied to the drag strip, its main purpose is for a head-to-head drag race. Cars start out in place at the staging lights, and lane markings on the pavement help ensure drivers are not veering outside their lane.

    8 Lane Drag

    • Grid Size: 8 cars
    The only significant difference between the drag strip and the 8 lane drag is the setup and placement of cars. Since there could potentially be four times as many cars drag racing in this configuration, the lanes are much narrower. Drivers must take care not to veer too much or make contact with an opponent during the brief races.

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