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    Autumnal Setting

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    A location or scenery that is reminiscent of fall. Autumnal settings involve trees shedding their leaves and usually feature yellows, browns and reds.

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    Autumnal settings have appeared in many games and are often used to provide a colour palette which artists can effectively use in in-game environments or to promote certain feelings often connected with the season of Autumn (e.g. Melancholy, things coming to an end). Double Fine's Costume Quest prominently features autumnal settings due to being set during Halloween. Bully is often remember for it's strong use of autumnal settings and The Whispered World can be noted as an adventure game which took place almost entirely during autumn. In Pikmin 2 each of the locations in the game reflects a specific season and the area 'The Wistful Wild', which is unlocked after the game is completed, is the games autumnal area.
    Autumnal settings are almost always seen in games which cycle through the seasons or depict multiple seasons, such as Sims 2: Seasons, the Animal Crossing games and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, a game in which Link can use the Rod of Seasons to make it autumn at any time he wishes.

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