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    Avalkya is one of the five main cities of the Northern Federation.

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    Avalkya is one of the five main settlements of the Northern Federation, and it's located northern than the other ones. The town is governed by a mayor, who is secretly affiliated with the Ether Animus.

    The conurbation itself is actually rather small, with a population of a few thousand people. This is due to the harsh temperatures of the Northern continent, where the town is located. Another reason as to why the population density is so low in Avalkya is because, in some periods of the year, it's actually impossible to leave the town due to the abundant snowfalls and rainstorms. These phenomena are the ones that make the Snowy Plain a mortal cage for inexperienced visitors who explore the plain in the wrong season. During those periods only people with an official permission from the town hall of Avalkya can leave the town.

    Promising cryomancers usually leave the city due to the lack of important jobs and strong opponents.

    Important Places

    INN and a Shop

    Town Hall

    The Town Hall of Avalkya is the place where the mayor works alongside his bureaucrats . However, Avalkyan bureaucracy is known to be one of the slowest of the Northern Federation, despite having little population.

    Barrack of the Avalkyan Guard

    The Barrack is the headquarter of the Avalkyan Guards. They fulfill the same purpose as police, and even help people in danger in the Snowy Plain.


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