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Valkyria Chronicles 2

Avan was visited by Hubert Brixham to confirm that a Lanseal cadet that was reportedly killed in action on a classified mission was his older brother, Leon. Refusing to believe Leon died, Avan demanded to know the details of this mission, but Brixham could not disclose that. After seeing Avan gather the town watch to defend Melvere, Brixham allows him to enroll at Lanseal to get a chance to be nominated for that same mission and discover the truth himself.

At the entrance exam, Avan meets Cosette Coalhearth - who wants to be a doctor - and Zeri - who doesn't seem to like Avan very much. After clearing the exam with them, Avan's results show that he has equal aptitude in any unit class. He, Cosette, and Zeri are all placed in Class G, a class that is widely regarded as a dumping ground for misfits and slackers. Juliana Everhart, chair of Class A, then mocks this group for tarnishing Lanseal's name and not even having a class chair. It is then that Cosette accidentally appoints Avan as class chair, and since no one else wants the responsibility, he accepts.

With Class G's low expectations, they don't think much of Avan's new leadership initially. Gradually, Avan begins to show how competent he is in the field of battle. When Lanseal's Laevatein cup tournament comes up, Avan declares that he'll lead Class G much to their incredulity and Juliana's surprise. While Avan shows some talent in combat by getting Class G through the qualifiers' round, his academic achievements are less than impressive.

Unable to make headway in his search for what happened to Leon, Avan visits the campus store with Cosette and Zeri to find a pair of famous heroes, Welkin Gunther and Alicia Melchiott. While Cosette is surprised to learn of the pair's marriage and Zeri is surprised that they're even here, Avan is preoccupied with how good the bread Alicia bakes is. From then on, Avan would continue to stop by for Alicia's bread while picking up valuable information that the two experienced veterans would share with him.

He also gets reunited with his pet bird, Jarde, along the way. Jarde would become Class G's unofficial mascot and get himself as well as his owner into troublesome situations. After Jarde's reappearance, Avan finds the Valkyrian girl that had inadvertently rescued them on their mission in Leanbluff. Though it was not a very pleasant first meeting, she takes an interest in Avan before she is led away by a woman in white who calls her, "Aliasse."

Class G is then assigned to go on an important escort mission through the Leanbluff forest. On this mission, they encounter the Artificial Valkyrur Corps, otherwise known as V2's. It is also Avan's first encounter with their General, Dirk Gassenarl. They manage to survive this encounter and get the escort APC to a certain destination, but they only become safe once a mysterious Valkyrian girl decimates nearly all of the V2's. After her disappearance, the escort that Class G had been guarding turns out to be Archduchess Cordelia Gi Randgriz.

As the story goes on, Avan grows closer to his classmates in Class G and brings out the best in them with his determination and honesty. While not as overt as Avan's relationships with most of Class G, Zeri grows somewhat closer to Avan as well after a mission in the Diebal Mountains. It was a large Darcsen settlement that was under attack by a force led by Baldren Gassenarl. Of course, Zeri wouldn't go so far as to say they were friends. Soon enough, Avan leads Class G through the semifinals of the Laevatein Cup. After this, they would face Juliana and Class A in the finals, much to the excitement of both chairs. Unfortunately, they receive some unsettling news.

Cosette's hometown, Yuell, is going to be invaded. Lanseal's jurisdiction does not include this city, so Class G is unauthorized to aid it. Far from being discouraged, Avan plans to head there with Cosette despite Zeri's protests. When they reach Yuell, it is already wracked from battle, and Cosette's resolve starts to falter. Luckily, Zeri arrives with the rest of Class G after being able to convince their headmaster to allow their deployment. After they get the tank commander, Audrey Gassenarl, and her forces to retreat Yuell, they are now faced with many civilians needing immediate treatment. Surrounded by blood that triggers Cosette's traumatic flashbacks, it is revealed that Cosette is colorblind and cannot perform her medical duties. In an attempt to get her back to her senses, Avan shoots himself to force her to overcome her fears.

While it shocked Cosette into action, Avan had lost a lot of blood as well as his consciousness shortly after. When he wakes up, he finds himself in Lanseal's infirmary with Cosette. She appreciates what he tried to do, but also berates him for nearly killing himself. She then threatens to never forgive him again if he pulled another stunt like that. He can only agree as she continued to sob into his chest. After recovering from this, Avan was sentenced to a few days in solitary confinement. He would've been court-martialed if Class G and Brixham did not manage to sway the inquiry board.

On the last day, Cosette visits Avan and asks about his life as a kid. Avan almost immediately starts to talk about Leon, but Cosette clarifies that she wants to know more about him, hinting at an interest in her class chair. Avan doesn't catch it, but they share a peaceful moment nonetheless. The next day, Avan is released and can focus on the Laevatein Finals. Despite Juliana's confidence, Class G comes out victorious, which leads to a reassessment of views on leadership and trust for Juliana. Lanseal reaches a joyous point when the classes prepare for their upcoming festival only to have it all come crashing down with the arrival of the V2's.

With Dirk leading them, they wreck the academy, kill hundreds of students, and steal Clementia Foerster's research on Artifical Valkyrur. Though Class G manages to keep the V2's occupied, it is Juliana who manages to defeat most of them. Unfortunately, Juliana has undergone a life-threatening procedure to become an Artificial Valkyria to save her friends and classmates. She manages to destroy a part of Dirk's armor before he fatally wounds her, revealing that the V0 general who led the V2's is actually Leon Hardins. The rebels retreat soon after, leaving Avan to question why his older brother was fighting with the rebels and why Leon didn't recognize him.

Before Juliana dies, she reveals that the 'special mission' was a front for human experimentation. With that in mind, Avan forces his way into Clementia's research lab only to find the scientist absent and Brixham confronting Lawrence Kluivert about the headmaster's justification for robbing Leon and Juliana of their humanity. Kluivert denies nothing and reasons that it was all for Gallia's sake. With the thought of Gassenarl in possession of Clementia's research, which would undoubtedly be used against his country, Kluivert throws Brixham and Avan out of the room before shooting himself and committing suicide. Lanseal has lost its chain of command, and the academy itself is in ruins. This allows the rebels to continue their siege and take Randgriz.

Her research gone and her patron dead, Clementia takes this as a cue to leave the academy. She tries to take Aliasse with her, but the girl refused, having grown very attached to Cosette and Avan. Clementia then tries to force her by drawing her gun, but Avan responds similarly, drawing his own gun and daring her to shoot. With no way out, Clementia yields and leaves on her own despite Aliasse's cries. Later, Brixham asks Avan how he is faring considering everything that has happened. Avan responds that he'll be okay, and he is determined to stop the rebels and bring his brother back.

Lanseal continues to suffer losses, but Class G is fortunate to have no casualties. Aliasse joins Class G's roster as well. Class G manages to disrupt the supply line to Roendahl and defend the largest Darcsen settlement in the Doerfein mines. It was in those mines that Cosette must disarm a time bomb despite her colorblindness. With Avan and Class G's trust and support, she is able to stop the bomb and overcome her trauma. She hugs Avan while a couple of their classmates tease them for the romantic display.

With Class G's actions, the rebels are forced to retreat from Randgriz and head to Anthold. Unable to reach the port because of General Audrey Gassenarl's heavily armed forces, Avan devises a plan to destroy Anthold's aqueduct to stall the rebels. With Brixham's authorization, Avan intends on planting the bombs himself, but Zeri intervenes, making Avan stay with Class G since he is their commander. Unhappy but unable to find a way around Zeri's logic, Avan shoots the Laevatein Cup medal in half, gives one part of it to Zeri, and makes him a promise to get it back to him.

Class G manages to distract Audrey's forces long enough for Zeri to set the bombs up. The aqueduct blows, flooding the rebels and opening a way to the port. When they find Zeri had survived the destruction, he fixes the medal that Avan broke, making good on his promise. They find Baldren Gassenarl attempting to escape the federation with the Artificial Valkyrur research in the Dandarius. Avan attaches a message to Jarde and has him fly to Randgriz in order to warn the government. When Class G reaches the harbor, they face Leon and his V2's.

Unable to talk sense into his brainwashed brother, Aliasse steps in with lance and shield to defeat them. She overwhelms Leon and fatally wounds him. The shock from the attack allows Leon to regain his senses, if only for enough time to speak his dying words. Avan asks him why he took on the "special mission" and essentially gave up his own humanity. Leon says that it was for Gallia, and it was for his family. Leon then requests that Avan forgets about his older brother who destroyed so much, only for Avan to get more worked up than he already was. He could never forget his brother. He would be his own person and protect Gallia. Surprised, but proud of his little brother nonetheless, Leon dies contentedly as Avan starts to mourn his passing.

Class G then boards the Dandarius and disables its main turret. They manage to make it in time for Cordelia to arrive with Gallian Navy. With her ships attacking the rebels' warship, Class G faces Baldren Gassenarl equipped with an artificial Valkyrur system that far exceeds those of the V0 and V2's. Despite his nightmarish new power, Class G manages to defeat him. As the Dandarius sinks and Baldren dies, the general only laments that he was not powerful enough to protect Gallia. Avan tells him that Gallia has all the protection it needs with their different strengths. Amused, Baldren wishes him luck in defending his homeland as he goes down with his ship.

Avan manages to get his classmates off the ship before it falls, but is unable to find a way off on his own. It is then that Zeri manages to find him and get him on the cord that Class G would use to pull them to safety. The pair almost doesn't make it when they jump off the ship, but Cosette manages to grab both of them before the rest of Class G helps her pull them onto their ship. Relieved, Cosette hugs them both as Avan and Zeri exchange looks. With the climax at its end, Class G and the other surviving students graduate from Lanseal and go their separate ways.

Rather than join the military, Avan travels the country with Jarde, aiding people in need and joining others in the Gallian reconstruction effort. Though it is a busy life, he would often meet up with Cosette and Zeri to share a meal.

Valkyria Chronicles 3

During the events of Valkyria Chronicles 3, Avan is a member of the Mellvere Town Watch who joins Kurt Irving and the rest of the Nameless squad for some story specific missions before becoming an unlockable character.

Unit Data

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Avan is a unique character that can change into any other class to fit the situation. Changing him into all classes at least once will unlock 2 medals as well. Because Avan can change into any class, he will have the most battle potentials out of any other playable character.

After completing a classmate mission, Avan's name will appear under that classmate's "likes" list which will allow Avan to say a unique quote when performing team attacks with them or rescuing them when they are critically injured. Avan is the only unit to have the entire class G roster in his "likes" list.

Avan has higher health than any of the class G units in all classes. Password unlockable character, Jann, and another unlockable character, Largo, are the only characters that have higher health than Avan in their respective lancer class.

However, Avan has the second highest max accuracy as a lancer. Password unlockable character, Alternate Cosette wins out by six points. Avan has the second highest max accuracy (Rosie beats him by six points) and the highest max evasion in the shocktrooper class. Avan has the highest max evasion in the armored tech class.

Listed below are his personal potentials (as stated directly in the game):

  • Hot-Blooded - A burning passion fills their heart, raising their defense.
  • Unprecedented - Unexpected developments present a new way forward, raising attack power against infantry targets.
  • Brother's Words - Keeps their brother's words locked away in their heart, raising various abilities.
  • Charisma - Leadership qualities raise firing accuracy. (unlocked after Laevatein Finals mission)
  • Left the Nest - Now pursuing new paths, having outgrown the goal of surpassing an older brother, raising all abilities. (replaces 'Brother's Words' after Battle of Anthold Harbor mission)

Other Media


Avan can be seen in all versions of the Valkyria Chronicles II manga. His character is mostly unchanged, but his prominence in the manga varies depending on the version. He is likely to have significance in the manga version that is told from Zeri's viewpoint, but he has little prominence in the manga version that is told from Aliasse's viewpoint. This is odd considering how big of an impact Avan's interaction with her had on her in the game.


  • When Avan performs a team attack with Zeri, he doesn't say Zeri's name. This is the only team attack where Avan doesn't say the person's name despite having Avan's name listed in that person's likes list.
  • When Avan rescues Cosette, Heinz, Morris, and Noel from critical condition, he'll say their names twice if his name is listed in their likes list.
  • When Avan rescues Alexis from critical condition, he'll say Alexis's name as well as a nickname he possibly gave them if his name is listed in their likes list.
  • When Avan rescues Raymond from critical condition, he'll say a nickname he possibly gave them if his name is listed in their likes list.
  • Avan is the only character in Valkyria Chronicles II to replace a positive personal potential with another positive personal potential. Both the former and latter potential have the same effect as well despite their context.
  • Avan is also the only character to gain a new personal potential and replace an old personal potential with a different personal potential. All other characters only do one or the other.

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