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    Avatar Adventurers Online

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 13, 2011

    Players take their 360 Avatars online in this "MMO lite", XBLA Indie game.

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    Avatar Adventurers is an Online Multiplayer RPG that uses Xbox 360 avatars as characters. It has a limit of 8-16 players per server. Servers can be set to;

    • Offline Mode - Where players can play alone
    • Xbox Live Mode - Where any other Xbox Live members can join your game
    • invite Only Mode - Only players you invite are allowed to join
    • System Link Mode - Players with linked systems may play together

     Players working out a deal
    Players working out a deal

    When more than 1 player is in a game, they are able to interact with each other in multiple ways. There is a text box located in the middle of the screen which players can contribute to via 360 Chatpad or USB Keyboard. Players are also able to trade items and money.


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