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#1 Posted by Bones8677 (3506 posts) -

I'm tempted to buy some Avatar items from the marketplace. I have very little money and no job. Please I need someone to talk me out of it. I'm like a suicidal person threatening to throw myself off a roof. Please I need help!

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#2 Posted by MasterOfPenguins_Zell (2120 posts) -
@Bones8677: Self-restraint.
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#3 Posted by ThePwnee (241 posts) -

Don't buy shit, it's overpriced. $5.00 for a lightsaber? Come on.

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#4 Posted by drewbs (2795 posts) -

Don't do it, brah.

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#5 Posted by The_Big_Rough (300 posts) -

Yep all that shit is nothing short of a pure ripoff

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#6 Posted by Jethuty (1052 posts) -

whats the point of this thread again?
oh yeah, your quest

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#7 Posted by Crono11 (1670 posts) -

Man you should totally buy a lightsaber for your avatar! Can you imagine having your friends see that you have a freakin lightsaber! How awesome would that be?

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#8 Posted by Bones8677 (3506 posts) -
@Jethuty: What? uh, no. Honestly I don't care about quests all that much. It's a silly thread, yes. But it's not for some insidious purpose.
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#9 Posted by ZombiePie (6981 posts) -

Any silly thread that doesn't have any discussion value is spam, and I fail to see how this thread has any discussion value.


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