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    Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Oct 10, 2006

    Based on a cartoon on Nickelodeon, Avatar: The Last Airbender is an action game that puts you in the role of Aang, a young and powerful airbender. Console Version was developed by THQ Studio Australia.

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    This video game allows you to play Aang, Katara, Haru, or Sokka in the single-player campaign. Each character uses his or her trademark weapons/abilities to defeat enemies and gain special abilities after gaining enough experience. There are various items that can help with quests or even during battle be they armor, chi, enchanted, accessories, or healing potions. Gameplay also allows you to bring certain resources to certain characters in order to make special items. The game has tons of enemies most of whom appeared in the 1st Book of the Avatar series.



    The games main playable characters are Aang, Katara, Haru, and Sokka, 3 of these being the main characters of the TV show. Momo the flying lemur is also playable in certain areas.

    Many other characters appear as NPCs(Non-playable characters) such as Prince Zuko who plays a minor role in the game and King Bumi also appears but only in the 4th level.


    While in the North Pole, Aang and Katarra hear that the water bender, Hiryu has gone missing which they go to investigate. They arrive and find a Fire Nation ship attacking. They manage to fend off the ship but Katara is captured during said battle. Aang and Sokka follow but are slowed by Fire Nation machines.

    They end up at a Earth Kingdom Port where they slip into the Fire Nation ship’s jail and free Katara who informs them of another prisoner named Lian who is making machines for them in order to survive. When they arrive at his cell, they find it empty except for a map to a Earth Kingdom village.

    They find the village and discover it to be under attack by machines, which they fend off. They then pick up Haru and are informed that one of his friends, Yuan has been kidnapped. So they travel to the library of Omashu in search of clue as to where the machines’ origin. The info they find leads them to island not on the map.

    On the island they find Lian who is making mor machines, she then states that she fears that Aang won’t master the 4 elements in time before Sozin’s Comet arrives.

    Aang refuses to aid her as the machines are disrupting the villages, Lian then voices her hatred toward him, so she sends a machine to fight them and flees to the air temple where she attempts to destroy the Avatar statues. They manage to stop the machine but Katara, Sokka, and Haru are kidnapped by another machine.

    Aang goes hot in pursuit and chases Lian and her machine to a fortress. After rescuing his friends, they find Zuko who has been kidnapped by a machine.. After rescuing them, Zuko attacks the group, at the end of the fight he is knocked over a waterfall.

    The 4 enter the fortress where they find Lian, where she finished a machine which is manned by the missing waterbender Hiryu, Haru’s friend Yuan, and a fire bender. When Lian attempts to attach the machine to Aang he battles it. During the fight, Katara is struck down which causes Aang to enter the Avatar State in which he destroys the machine and buries Lian in the rubble, killing her.(Portable version has her surviving it)

    As the 4 leave, Zuko crawls onto the shore, as angry as ever.


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