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Avengers in Galactic Storm is a 2D superhero fighting game developed and released by Data East for arcades (running their MLC System hardware) in 1996.

Set in Marvel universe, Avengers in Galactic Storm takes place in the Operation: Galactic Storm crossover story arc, where the titular Avengers are forced to interfere with an intergalactic war between the Shi'ar and Kree races.

Like Killer Instinct, the game relies on pre-rendered 3D graphics for both characters and backgrounds (although the backgrounds are static, instead of moving with the action). It's also first game to include the concept of dedicated assist characters that the player can summon and is one of the few games to include a co-operative Story mode (where two human players can gang up against a series of computer opponents).


The game includes eight playable characters (four in Story Mode) and eight assist characters (four for each side). In Story Mode, players can only choose from the four Avengers.

The game also includes an unplayabla boss, Galen Kor. Along with being the final boss for both sides, he also serves as the introductory opponent in Story Mode.







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