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    Avo's Tear

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    Avo's Tear is a blade forged by The Gatekeeper Nostro and imbued with the power of the Guild Mage Solcius.

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    Avo's Tear is a legendary weapon that is thought to be as powerful as the Sword of Aeons.

    Originally, Avo's Tear used to be a non-magical sword in the possession of a guard, until one day when Solcius, the most powerful Mage to have ever lived, used it as a focus point to close an evil vortex that was threatening to engulf the entire city of Bowerstone. After the blade was used to close the vortex, Solcius and other surrounding people were killed by the climatic explosion and the blade was lost to legend.

    How to Obtain Avo's Tear

    Spoiler Alert! Do not read any further as the following words pertain to the plot of the game.
    If the player decides to throw away the Sword of Aeons rather than keep it, the Hero may find the sword at the Hero Cemetary in the Hero's Guild. This is the only way to obtain the sword, as the three most powerful Heroes to have ever lived (Solcius, Delfe, and Holdr), will deem him unworthy otherwise.


    Type: Longsword
    Damage: 230
    Augmentations: Experience, Health, and Mana
    Value: 126,250 Gold
    Class: Light


    • The sword is only found in Fable: The Lost Chapters. It is not found in the regular Fable.
    • The original, non-magical version of the sword was crafted by The Gatekeeper Nostro.
    • It is one of the few Legendary weapons to exist in Albion.
    • It is basically a good-aligned version of the Sword of Aeons, and was added to the expansion due to complaints that the most powerful weapon in the game was for Evil players only.

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