Different upgrades dependent on prestige?

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#1 Posted by Smokay (543 posts) -

So I am currently heading toward my 2nd prestige and I noticed that I got an upgrade that transforms Voltars healing beam into a dmg beam something that I did not get before my first prestige has anyone else had any experience with this or am I just crazy?

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#2 Posted by Gunrock (155 posts) -

It was there, you might of missed it, but i was wondering what benefits do we get by prestiging.

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#3 Posted by MetalBaofu (1623 posts) -

@Smokay: I know this is a kinda old thread, but I just saw it. I figured I might as well also say that you must have just missed it. I just unlocked that upgrade myself and I haven't prestiged at all yet.

@Gunrock: As far as I know all you get from it is the icon beside your name based on whatever level prestige you are. Basically the same thing you would get back in the first Modern Warfare.

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