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What does Dirt Nap have to offer?:

DirtNap Gaming is an online gaming community comprised of both Causal and Competitive players. We gave a great atmosphere that is both competitive and fun for the casual player.

We are a fun and active community. We aren't based around one game, and we are always adding other games to the forum.

We have Girls! And we work hard to ensure they have a friendly and creep free commmunity. We have an HR department that handles all complaints twords other players.

We have a well organized community with stable leadership. We allow anyone who wants to create a team do so, as well as advertise it. We have a program that allows you to create a team subforum and Social Group within Dirt Nap.

We have two Pro League of Legends teams, and we now need to represent within the DotA2 scene. Our League teams compete in the GO4LoL every weekend. One team recently won the MSI Tournament in Southern California, so we are looking for a good team to provide a home for.

We also play Diablo 3, Minecraft, DOTA2, SMITE, BF3, SC2, Awesomenauts, DayZ, and just about any other game you can think of. We are always encouraging players to add more games to DirtNap.

A Few Notes: In order to become a DirtNap Gaming member, you need to sign up using This Link

Awesomenauts is our newest game, so we encourage everyone to join the Awesomenauts Social Group!


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We have Girls! And we work hard to ensure they have a friendly and creep free commmunity.

I almost facepalmed. I thought for a second you saying that as a selling point for males.

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I can understand wanting to get the word out, but please don't advertise on Giant Bomb. Thanks!

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