Is anyone still playing this?

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#1 Posted by DFSVegas (373 posts) -

I just want to know before I buy it. I used up all the trial time like 2 weeks ago, and i cant see if there still any games going. Wouldn't want to buy a multiplayer only game if nobody is playing it anymore.

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#2 Posted by MAST (891 posts) -

Judging that this post is a week old, and you didn't get a response. I'm guessing that no Giantbomb people play it. But I played it all day today and didn't have any trouble finding people to play against... And it's super fun. I plan to keep playing it for as long as there are people to play with.

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I play on PSN fairly frequently it, usually in short bursts before or after I play something else. Usually find a game pretty quickly, and even if you end up playing against bots it'll notify you if a game with players becomes available. There's also a patch with new two characters coming which should increase activity quite a bit.

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#4 Posted by Azteris (826 posts) -

I play every once in awhile. We should get some GB groups going sometime!

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