More characters to come?

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#1 Posted by Moody_yeti (399 posts) -

Anyone else not holding their breath for more "heroes" after reading all the woes surrounding this game? I really hope there is some life left in this game as for one i am really enjoying playing it.

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#2 Posted by auburok (32 posts) -

The official forums claim they have two in the works that are pretty far along. The dev team claims they'd like to do a major update each month, and I think they'd be able to get around a bum publisher (it's digital distribution, after all) and push some updates.

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#3 Posted by Oddy4000 (113 posts) -

I hope so - Checked the other day and there were 3300 leaderboard entries. Checked last night and there were like, 4500. Maybe good word of mouth? Releasing the week following Trials Evo kinda sucks as well.

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#4 Posted by SMTDante89 (2885 posts) -

I hope so, but if they don't I won't be too bummed out about it actually. This is one of the few games where I can really get behind any character, I like the way each handle in their own way when normally I only like one or two characters and stick to them all the time. For Awesomenauts, I like playing all of the characters.

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