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    Ayesha first appeared as the main character in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk. Despite the title she spends chunks of the game insisting that what she is doing is not Alchemy but is instead the work of an apothecary. That doesn't seem to stop her from quickly learning new recipes or making bombs out of gathered items.

    Through the course of her adventure she learns, largely on her own, the finer details of alchemy. Although she learned the basics from her grandfather, at the start of the game she is only able to make simply items with the main focus being on her medicine creation.

    Driven by the sudden disappearance of her sister years ago Ayesha dedicates herself to her studies in the hopes that she will one day find a way to bring her back. When the game starts she is only given the faint hint that the strange happening have something to do with an odd glowing flower and the advanced use of alchemy.


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