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    Ayumi is the ridiculously scantily-clad heroine of Gaijin Entertainment's X-Blades and Blades of Time.

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    Ayumi is an adventurous relic hunter who searches for an artifact believed to hold the fate of the world in its grasp in X-Blades. She is a loner who does not share her treasure with anybody and likes it that way.

    Her look makes it difficult to take her seriously. An impossibly shapely body, big blonde hair, and wearing little more than a G-string and bra makes her seem more suited to the type of pornographic adventure game like Lightning Warrior Raidy.

    Ayumi, like her foes in the game, will stop at nothing in the quest for power, fame, and fortune.

    The heroine is a natural fighter, well-versed in sword-play. She wields two pistol blades, which she compliments with magical attacks.


    Ayumi is a well-versed swordfighter, gunslinger and magician. Hitting Square (or X) swings her sword, while R1 (or RB) fires her gun. You can hack and slash your way through the game shooting and slicing, but there's also a magic system. As Ayumi attacks and is attacked, she builds up rage. She can also build up rage by standing still and generating power, though it leaves her open to attacks. Once you have a certain amount of rage, you can use magic. Ayumi has spells like fireballs, earthquakes ad teleportation. You can level up your magic skills however you want, choosing to do so whenever you want. Melee attacks don't work on smaller enemies, but magic can be used to take down several of them at once.


    Electronic Gaming Monthly "lead character, Ayumi...a typical sassy, scantily clad, smart-talking bad girl, who proves once and for all that a bikini-thong combination is suitable armor for taking on hordes of...just about anything."

    IGN "The look of Ayumi and her lack of general clothing will undoubtedly be a selling point for those who haven't seen daylight in weeks." "Ayumi may just take the crown for the tightest outfit in female videogame character history. We're not kidding when we say her outfit (which we've taken to calling the Battle Thong) looks like it was painted onto her body with an airbrush."

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