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    The leader of the reptites, a race of reptilian humanoids vying with humans for supremacy in the 65,000,000 B.C. era of Chrono Trigger.

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    Azala appears in Chrono Trigger as the primary antagonist of the year 65,000,000 B.C. She is the ruler of the reptites, a race of reptilian humanoids that are at war with the primitive human tribes for status as the world's dominant species. She first appears when the party travels back in time to the era in search of a special rock that will allow Melchior to repair the Masamune. After a late night of partying with Ayla and the rest of the Ioka tribe, the player's party awakens to find that the gate key they need to travel through time has been stolen. They eventually learn that Kino, a member of the Ioka tribe, had stolen the key from them, only to have it stolen in turn by reptites. The party tracks down Azala, who sics her henchman Nizbel upon them. Azala is confident in her superiority over humans, and is baffled when the party manages to defeat Nizbel. She gives up the gate key, but manages to escape the encounter.

    Later in the game, the party returns to the prehistoric era following their battle with Magus. Since their last visit to the era, the Laruba tribe's village has been destroyed and many of its residents have been taken prisoner by the reptites. The party assists Ayla in invading Azala's palace, the Tyranno Lair, where they pursue the reptite queen until they manage to defeat her and the Black Tyranno. On the verge of death, Azala foretells the coming of Lavos and of the ice age that will engulf the world after its arrival. She dies when Lavos obliterates the Tyranno Lair upon impact and leaves a large crater in its wake.


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