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Other Info 

Nine Azaracks inhabit the second isle of the Plane of Sky. 


  • Level 53 


  • Whirl Bolt - A proc which levitates and roots their enemies in addition to a 400 HP DoT

Related Quests

  • Bard Test of Voice 
  • Enchanter Test of Metamorphism 
  • Innoruuk's Curse (Shadow Knight Epic)
  • Necromancer Test of Power 
  • Ranger Test of Defense 
  • Shadowknight Test of Smash 
  • Shaman Test of Health 
  • Warrior Test of Strength 
  • Wizard Test of Focus  


  • Belt of Virtue 
  • Black Face Paint 
  • Blade of Abrogation 
  • Broken Mirror 
  • Bronze Disc 
  • Copper Disc 
  • Darkstone Emerald 
  • Gold Disc 
  • Iron Disc 
  • Mithril Disc 
  • Platinum Disc
  • Silver Disc 
  • Sky Emerald 
  • Spell: Dyzil`s Deafening Decoy 
  • Spell: Evacuate 
  • Spell: Eye of Tallon 
  • Spell: Scars of Sigil 
  • Spell: Zumaik`s Animation 
  • Treant Tear 
  • Weight of the Gods    

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