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    Azazel is a character in the popular 3D Fighting game series Tekken. He appears as the final boss in Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion.

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    Azazel was introduced in Tekken 6, and he returned for Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. Azazel is playable with a cheat device on the PSP version only. Although he was previously unnamed, this character was confirmed to be named "Azazel" on November 26, 2007. Azazel makes it's appearance as the final boss in both games. It has it's own stage called Azazel's Chamber. Azazel does not have an official Tekken 6 CG Art Image.

    This character doesn't appear to be human. It is known that it is another form of devil. It is restrained by ice and chains. It is a huge character, as it literally towers over its opponents. Due to Azazel's size, Azazel can't be thrown, but it can throw its opponent. Despite Azazel's size, Azazel can be juggled.

    Although nothing has been confirmed about this character, there is a lot of speculation about it. It is heavily rumored to be the creature that appears in the ice at the end of Sergei Dragunov's Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ending. Other rumors about this creature is that this creature may even be another form of Ogre or True Ogre, or Monstrous Ogre seen in Devil Within.

    In Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, there exists a golden version of Azazel. Currently, it is up to speculation on how players can get to it. Its moves appear to remain the same, but Gold Azazel is reportedly stronger. The reward for defeating it is 20,000 G and the reward for perfecting it is 2,000,000 g. His form is revealed in Scenario Campaign after Final Battle with Jin Kazama/Devil Jin. In this form, it revealed itself from beneath the ground, claiming that it "exists in a plane far beyond earthly laws", stating it's true god-like nature. However, he was destroyed quickly by Jin. After his death, his powers throws Jin into the desert.

    Tekken 6

    The two catastrophic stars have made contact, and have triggered the awakening of a supernatural entity. Overwhelming everything around it, Azazel is capable of turning any creature into ashes.

    Although not confirmed, the "two stars" that were mentioned are believed to be Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, two humans bearing the supernatural Devil Gene. It is also speculated that Julia Chang and new character Zafina have entered the Tournament looking to stop Azazel.


    Azazel unleashed in Tekken 6's opening cinematic
    Azazel unleashed in Tekken 6's opening cinematic

    Azazel is not human, rather a massive creature, roughly twice as tall, and thrice as thick (not including its tail) as an average size Tekken character and is restrained by ice and chains. Due to its size, Azazel cannot be thrown but can throw its opponent. Despite this however, Azazel can be juggled.

    Azazel has the ability to summon boulders or rock columns from the ground (which it uses to attack its opponent), summon ice scarabs which it also uses to attack its opponent. Azazel also has the ability to curl up in a ball and attack its opponents. His move set bears some resemblances to previous Tekken boss characters, such as his stun attack (which is almost identical to Jinpachi Mishima's), the ability to fire lasers (similar to Devil, Angel and Devil Jin's laser attacks).

    Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion Azazel

    Golden Azazel
    Golden Azazel

    In Tekken 6's arcade update, Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion, much like all the playable characters, Azazel has been updated with new moves and even new looks. Azazel starts each game off in full blue as usual, but as he is weakened he turns red, until he turns completely maroon as his health is totally depleted. Additionally, Azazel has a new incarnation called "Golden Azazel". Golden Azazel appears randomly in place of Azazel, he has all of Azazel's moves and is identical in every way, except that he is gold (and he does not change color at all). If the player defeats Golden Azazel while their IC Card is in use, they will be rewarded 20, 000G instead of the usual 50G. Azazel appears in the final stage of the Scenario Campaign mode in the console versions of Tekken 6. As it turns out, it was Jin's motive all along to bring forth the creature so he may fight and defeat it (and subsequently end himself in the confrontation). By causing chaos across the globe, Jin awoke the physical form of the monster (Azazel's spirit was already resonating within Jin's psyche, being triggered by his struggle with his father Kazuya; hence the prophecy of "two evil stars"). Before Jin can fight the creature, he engages Lars Alexandersson and Raven in his ceremonial chamber, where he is defeated by the duo. Upon returning to the exterior of the temple, Azazel returns and Jin is able to fight and destroy the creature once and for all (apparently taking himself out in the process as he planned).


    Azazel appears to have the abilities to summon boulders from the ground to attack the opponent, as well as to keep them away from it, and summoning numerous scarabs made of ice to attack the opponent. Azazel also has some moves that are similar to other bosses in the Tekken series, such as a stun (similar to Jinpachi Mishima's stun attack) and the ability to fire lasers (similar to Devil, Angel, and Devil Jin's laser attacks). Azazel also has the ability to curl up into a ball and roll towards the opponent to attack. He also possess a tail sweep attack resembling Roger Jr.'s, however, he whips it twice in a row.

    While Azazel doesn't block by itself, it does have auto-block properties most of the times even while performing special moves, making it extremely hard to hit in higher difficulties.

    In Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, Azazel's boulder-summoning move has been changed to a move where it summons boulders that are in the shapes of claws.

    Character Relationships

    • It's spirit was awoken from the contact between Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama, possessors of the Devil Gene. It was later given physical form from all the negative emotions caused by the war started by Jin. (in Scenario mode, while playing with Devil Jin against Azazel, it is reveal that Azazel started the Devil Gene).
    • Rival of Zafina, Jin Kazama, and Lars Alexandersson
    • Zafina's people and ancestors were its 'prison keepers'.
    • Presumed to be the evil force that reawakened Mokujin in Tekken 6.
    • First defeated by Lars Alexandersson, and later killed by Jin Kazama

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