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    B. Orchid

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    Black Orchid is a character in Killer Instinct.

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    Orchid is the heroine of Killer Instinct and sister of Jago. While posing as a secretary for Ultratech, she is in reality a spy sent by an unknown group to investigate the disappearances in the Killer Instinct tournament. Her true identity is a secret. She has two No Mercy moves (the Killer Instinct take on MK's fatalities). Her first No Mercy move is to unzip the front of her jumpsuit to flash her breasts at her opponent, causing them to have a heart attack.

    Her back is to the camera during this animation. The theory is that her opponents are so shocked by her naked breasts that they die. If the opponent is another B. Orchid she will simply stomp her feet as though frustrated. Her second no Mercy move simply turns her opponent into a frog, at which point the player has the option to stomp on them.

    After defeating Eyedol at the end of the first Killer Instinct tournament, Orchid and most of Ultratech are sent 2000 years into the past due to a time warp and allowed the Demon Lord Gargos to free himself from Limbo. B. Orchid's main goal during Killer Instinct 2 is to destroy Gargos and find a way to return home.

    Age: 23 years old

    Height: 5'6" (167.6 cm)

    Weight: 125 lbs. (56.7 kg)


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