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Babylon 5: Into the Fire was a space combat simulator based on the Babylon 5 science fiction television series. It would cast the player as a pilot of the series' Starfury fighters, and feature its distinctive Newtonian flight model. There was both a campaign and the ability to replay various historical battles. The campaign was set a few years after the end of the series, and FMV scenes with the series' actors, produced by the series' production crew, was filmed for it.

Originally made at Sierra's Yosemite Entertainment, development was moved to Sierra's Bellvue HQ when Yosemite was shut down in early 1999. The move was short-lived however, as the game was cancelled later that year.

Encouraged by strong fan support, a few its developers set up their own company, Sector 14 Studios, to try to resurrect the game, and almost succeeded in putting together a deal to rework the game into a Xbox launch title. Unfortunately, Sierra's owner, Havas, proved unwilling to sell the rights at first, and by the time a fan campaign changed their mind, it was too late to make the Xbox launch and Sector 14 was unable to secure other funding.

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