Backbreaker: Vengeance

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 29, 2011

    This digital release takes the original game's Tackle Alley mode and expands it into a full game.

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    Backbreaker Vengeance takes the tech from the first game and condenses it down to quick, arcade-y game modes that are all about completing challenges and racking up high scores. Players can compete online, in split-screen two player & single player AI modes, and also on a global scale with the Online Rival system.

    Game Modes

    There are 3 games modes, and each mode contains 10 challenges, with 5 waves in each challenge. Completing challenges unlocks new teams.

    • Tackle Alley - You're the ball carrier, and you must run down the field avoiding tackles while trying to run over score multipliers.
    • Vengeance - You're the defender, and must tackle the ball carrier.
    • Supremacy - A race to the finish versus other players, you must clear obstacles while staying in bounds, and reach the endzone first.

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