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    Backyard Baseball

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 10, 1997

    The original installment of the Backyard Baseball series started out as a free game given away in General Mills cereal boxes.

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    The first in the longrunning Backyard sports series, Backyard Baseball is the only one in the series to feature no professional players. The 30 playable characters are all unique in personality and skills. Players are ranked in skills from 1-4 in running, batting, pitching, and fielding. The game used the SCUMM game engine. There are two main modes of play: pick up game an league play. Pick up game has the player picking kids against a computer and playing a game at one of the stadiums. League play has the player competing for the League Championship. Statistics are kept in categories like strike-outs, singles, doubles, hits, and homeruns for all teams in the league.


    Player selection screen
    Player selection screen
    1. Jocinda Smith: Athletic and cocky. Good all around player, but slow to the bases.
    2. Ronny Dobbs: Sally Dobb's timid younger brother. Poor all around player.
    3. Maria Luna: Maria loves pink. If you play on a team that's pink she gets a stat boost.
    4. Achmed Khan: Amir Khan's other brother. Achmed is always blasting heavy metal tunes through his massive headphones. A great power hitter.
    5. Tony Delvecchio: Angela Delvecchio's brother. Easily the coolest kid of the bunch but a below average player.
    6. Dimitri Petrovich: Seen sporting a pocket protector and high-waisted pants. Takes an intellectual approach to the game, but not an effective player.
    7. Gretchen Hasselhoff: The spunky and hyperactive Gretchen is held back by below-average statistics.
    8. Luanne Lui: One of the premier pitchers in the game. Speedy baserunner, but struggles to hit the ball out of the infield.
    9. Kimmy Eckman: Kimmy's a mild-power hitter who also had a big sweet-tooth, even for a kid.
    10. Ricky Johnson: Johnson's a nice guy, but he can barely carry the bat and gets football-shaped head around the bases at a snail's pace. If he's on your team, it's probably because you felt bad for him.
    11. Annie Frazier: A flightly free spirit. The rainbow on her shirt makes her the only player in the game with a decal on their uniform.
    12. Mikey Thomas: Despite an eternally stuffed nose, Mike is one of the best power hitters in the game. This is good, because he may be the slowest player in the entire game.
    13. Lisa Crocket: Lisa is basically an adult in a kid's body. She's got a mean left curveball, but that's about it.
    14. Amir Khan: Achmed's younger brother. Idolizes his brother, and sees a sizable stat boost when playing on the same team with him. Amir often attempts to mimic his brother's style, with mixed results.
    15. Sally Dobbs: The bossy older sister of Ronny Dobbs. Sally can serve as a good pitcher, but lacks in all other areas, making her inflated ego all the more unbearable.
    16. Pete Wheeler: A simple-minded southern boy. Has trouble remembering what sport he plays, often bragging about how he is going to "score a touchdown" in a baseball game. Wheeler is the fastest kid on the field at all times, and is a constant threat to steal bases. He's also a great all-around hitter and can serve as a relief pitcher.
    17. Dante Robinson: A lovable, hot-dog guzzling half-pint best known for his large afro and distinct swing, where he whirls like a top in the batter's box. The slight delay in the start up of his trademark swing makes Dante a tricky hitter to get used to.
    18. Vicki Kawaguchi: Vicki fancies herself a ballerina, as evident by her pink tu-tu and graceful one-handed swing.
    19. Reese Worthington: Meager stats prevent this asthmatic pipsquick from being the major contributor he desires to be.
      Pete Wheeler
      Pete Wheeler
    20. Kenny Kawaguchi: Known by many as "the wheelchair kid." Excellent pitcher and a fast runner, but his chair makes it somewhat difficult to hit well.
    21. Stephanie Morgan: Although she sports cleats and a real baseball uniform, this perpetually bubble-gum chewing little leaguer is merely above-average in most respects. She is one of the few characters whose default stance is open instead of squared.
    22. Sidney Weber: Ashley's twin sister. Her primary passion is for tennis. Sees a stat boost if she plays on the same team as her sister.
    23. Ashley Weber: Sidney's twin sister. Like Sidney, Ashley is a snobbish tennis player who performs better when paired with her sister.
    24. Angela Delvecchio: Tony's sister. An excellent pitcher and power hitter, Angela struggles to lumber quickly around the bases.
    25. Marky Dubois: Birthed in the backwoods of a nondescript southern State, Marky and his beloved pet frog can offer power hitting and good pitching. Dubois is a slow baserunner whose good fielding skills are best suited for the catcher position.
    26. Pablo Sanchez: The GOAT. He does everything. Outright OP. A power hitter, tremendous speed around the bases, great defense, can even pitch. If he's not your #1 pick, you're doing it wrong.
    27. Billy Jean Blackwood: This long-legged Southern Belle is as bad a ball player as anyone in the game.
    28. Jorge Garcia: Statistically one of the worst players in the game, Jorge nonetheless keeps his head held high and nose turned down at all times. Perhaps his bizarre, downward-swinging motion has something to do with it.
    29. Ernie Steele: Enthusiastic and energetic. His long limbs somehow betray his ability to run bases quickly, and he's not a strong hitter.
    30. Kiesha Phillips: The funky fresh Kiesha is one of the game's best power hitters and is a deceptively fast baserunner.

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