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    Bad Piggies

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Sep 27, 2012

    Spinoff of the Angry Birds series that features the pigs as the protagonists.

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    In Bad Piggies rather than chucking birds at the pigs, like in other Angry Bird games, the tables have turned and the lead protagonist are the pigs. As of 1.0.0 there are 4 different selections. There is Ground Hog Day, When Pigs Fly, Sand-Box mode, and a Coming Soon selection.

    Game play

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    On every level, you start off with a grid. The game gives you several pieces to build with and not all the pieces must be added, except for the pig. A piece can be turned by tapping/clicking on it. The max amount of stars can be earned per level is 3. There are several ways to earn these starts. The first star challenge is always the same, the pig just has to get to the end. The second and third stars' challenges can change from completing a level in a certain time, not using a certain pieces, your contraption doesn't break, and getting star crates.

    Ground Hog day

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    This game selection has 36 levels plus 9 bonus levels. The game starts out with a cut scene showing King Pig being carried by his minions. He spotted a telescope by a box full of building supply. By looking through the telescope. King Pig spotted eggs. The pigs went straight to work making a plan to get them. They drew out a map, but one of the minions decided to turn on a fan. The fan sucks up the map and tears it to pieces. Throughout the levels the pigs try to collect all the pieces and rebuild the map. After completing every 4 levels and getting at least 10 stars, a bonus level comes up where a minion pig dropped his hat in a hole and goes to recovers it.

    When Pigs Fly

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    This game selection starts off with another cut scene showing the King Pig with his two minions once again. They have the newly rebuilt map but are confused when the eggs were no longer there. One of the pig minion looked through the telescope and found the eggs once again. The eggs seem to have "flown" away. So they started a new map to get there. One of the minions started making it on paper but the King Pig told them to make it on wood rather than paper, seeing how the old paper map was ruined. The other pig made the map on a nearby crate, but the pig did not realize it was a TNT crate. The crate exploded and once again caused the pigs to go recover for the map pieces. Rather than "Ground Hog Day" this game selection seems to be more air based than ground base. Requiring the Player to build contraptions that can fly.


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    This is not your typical Sand-Box mode. There are 5 different selections you can choose. You gain 2 by getting Stars in "Ground Hog Day", 2 for getting stars in "When Pigs Fly", and 1 more for finding the ten skulls hidden in the game. This mode gives you a 5x7 grid to work in and does not give you unlimited pieces. You must complete levels to gain more pieces. You must build a contraption to take your pig great distances to see if you can get all the star crates.

    Building Blocks


    It's a crate or a box depending on who you ask. It's the main building item and is the backbone of all builds. Some items can be place inside, such as the pig, engine, TNT, and so on.


    The fan is a piece that connects to crates. All fans can be toggled at once using a button at the bottom of the screen or be manually turn on by clicking on one.


    The wheel connects to crates and is used to move around on ground. There are different types of wheels, large, small, and medium ones. The metal ones can be powered by an engine.


    The engine when toggled on, power all machines on the contraption. Such as fans and some wheels.


    The balloon can be connected to a crate and or the pig. The balloon just floats and with enough can pull up contraptions.


    The umbrella slows down falls and turns the contraption up-right. Connects to crates.


    TNT is a block than can be connected to crates, place inside, or just off to the side. TNT can be manually detonated or can explode if it hits a bump.


    Soda acts like a booster. It works for a short amount of time and can be turned by clicking on it. Also like the fan while the game is no longer in build mode the soda(s) can be turned on with a button at the bottom of the screen or one by one manually. There are different color of sodas.


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