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    CP_Badlands is a remake of the classic CTF_Badlands from Team Fortress Classic. Much of the map has been changed and the map type has been changed from capture the flag to control point and arena.

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    As soon as the round begins, both teams rush for the center point where a fierce battle ensues for control of the middle of the map. Oftentimes, the team which takes the center point is able to push the other team back and take the rest of the points, especially if the now defending team doesn't have any defenses up. However, if the defending team can hold the point on the spiral, a clever team will sneak around and take the middle point from right under the aggressor's noses, starting the melee up anew.

    It should also be noted that the last point inside both team's base has a very short cap time, and one rogue Scout or Spy can take it in a matter of seconds. So, quick pro tip here: Stand on the point!

    An Arena version of the map was released alongside the Heavy Update. It is stripped down to the middle capture point and the forward respawn - the entire inside base is inaccessable.

    A King of the Hill variant of Badlands was added during the Hatless Update that features only the Control Point version's central point. This map is geographically identical to the Arena version.


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