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    Baeralorn is a mage that takes residence in Castle Anvil.

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    Baeralorn is a male Bosmer Necromancer, and the castle mage in Anvil. He is a member of the Mages Guild, but is seldom seen there, preferring to do his research in his private quarters in Castle Anvil, likely to avoid prosecution by the guild itself, which frowns upon necromancy. His specialty is casting resist spells on rats and then hitting them with elemental spells.

    At a Glance

    Gender: Male
    Race: Bosmer
    Occupation: Mage
    Residence:Castle  Anvil
    Related Characters: None
    Spouse: None
    Quests: None


    12 pm: Wakes up.
    12 pm - 2 pm: Stands in his room and sometimes ventures to stand in the hallway directly outside his room.
    2 pm: Starts his daily walk to Anvil.
    3 pm - 5 pm: Sits at the front desk in the Anvil Mages guild.
    5 pm: Starts walk back to Castle Anvil.
    6 pm - 8 pm: Stands in hallways outside his room and occasionally talks to one of the guards situated there.
    8 pm - 12 am: Eats dinner in the dinning hall.
    12 am - 12:30: Walks back to and enters his room.
    12:30 am - 6 am: Practices alchemy.
    6 am - 12 pm: Sleeps.


    Baeralorn is the Castle Mage who is also secretly a necromancer. This is the reason he spends very little time in the Mages guild and instead chooses to practice alchemy alone in his room. Baeralorn's stuidies are funded by Countess Millona Umbranox; it is unknown if she is aware of  Baeralorn guild affiliation's. He will openly admit that he blasts rats with resist spells and elemental spells yet all he does in his room is practice potion making. On the table that Baeralorn uses there is some mort flesh, bone metal and novice level calcinator, mortar & pestle, and retort. There is also an unnamed letter (it is unclear if Baeralorn is getting ready to mail this letter or if its contents are directed towards him) on the desk in which someone is complaining about prices being too low. It may be safe to say that Baeralorn is running an illegal necromancer shop in Castle Anvil and is selling his produces, or even buying other ingredients (like more mort flesh). It is also neccassary to note that in the locked chest next to Baeralorn's bed is an expert level mortar & pestle.

    Baeralorn carries the following objects:
    1 Robe of Deflection - Shield 5% on Self - Worth 520 Gold
    1 Russet Felt Shoes
    1 Novice Alembic
    1 Bone Shears
    1 Baeralorn's Key
    1 Castle Anvil Key
    1 Castle Anvil Interior Key
    1 Bloodgrass
    1 Dragon Tongue
    1 Glow Dust
    1 Tomato
    3 Redwort Flower
    5 Harrada
    174 Gold

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