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    A little known monster from the Godzilla universe.

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    The history of the Kaiju monster Bagan is an interesting one. Originally slated to appear in the 1984 film Return of Godzilla (Godzilla 1985 in America), the creature was a shapeshifter that had the power to change not only its form but also to combine multiple fo r ms into one towering being. This iteration of the creature never saw the light of day as the version of the script containing him was scrapped.

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    Two other films Godzilla vs. Bagan and Mothra vs. Bagan were also conceptualized but neither film was ever produced.

    Bagan eventually received a starring role as the final boss in Super Godzilla. This iteration of Bagan was an ancient guardian creature enhanced with cells from both Godzilla and King Ghidorah. His attacks ranged from diamond-shaped energy projectiles to a versi on of Godzilla's own atomic fire breath. So powerful was the creature that not even Godzilla could stand against it. Bagan was defeated only after a group of humans mutated Godzilla into Super Godzilla (a more powerful version of Godzilla) who was finally able to defeat Bagan .


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