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    Baiken is a character from the Guilty Gear franchise. She fights with a katana (as well as a few other concealed weapons) in order to find and kill "That Man".

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    Baiken is one of the few truly human characters of the Guilty Gear cast; the katana is her weapon of choice. She was born in Japan amidst the "Crusades" during which millions of native Japanese people were killed by the Gears, leading to them being declared as an endangered species. The few remaining survivors lived in hidden settlements, but even these were not safe from Gear attacks.
    During one of these attacks Baiken's parents were killed, she also lost her right arm (which she has since replaced with a claw) and left eye to the Gears responsible for the death of her parents. From that day forward Baiken swore revenge on the creator of the Gears, known only as "That Man".

    Guilty Gear X Story

    Although she featured as a hidden boss character in prior iterations of the game, Baiken never had her own story until Guilty Gear X. During this story Baiken continues her search for "That Man", unleashing her thirst for revenge on any Gear that crosses her path. One of Baiken's endings has her come close to killing both Testament and Dizzy; she spares both their lives however, in an effort to continue her search for "That Man".

    Guilty Gear XX Story

    During Guilty Gear XX, Baiken teams up with Anji Mito in order to find "That Man". However Anji does not wish to kill "That Man" which leads to a conflict of interests between the pair. On top of Anji impeading her quest for revenge, the Post War Bureau is also attempting to stop her from finding and killing "That Man". During one of Baiken's endings they try to stop her by sending a Robot-Ky and a brainwashed May after her. After defeating them both, Baiken uses the information she gained from Anji to continue the hunt for "That Man".

    Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

    During the final Guilty Gear game; Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus; Baiken attempts to do what she set out to do from the start; find and kill "That Man". Cruelly, Baiken is denied her revenge once again, as she fails to find "That Man", leaving her quest for revenge incomplete... for now.

    Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Move List/Pseudo Guide

    • Many reversal options.
    • High damage combos.
    • Short range pokes.
    • Easily zoned.
    Basic Special Moves:
    • Tatami Gaeshi (236K): Baiken will kick up a piece of straw mat flooring, launching her opponent into the air. Perfect for starting air combos. Also usable in midair as a falling projectile.
    • Yozansen (623S in midair): Baiken will perform a forward slash with her katana, this action has overhead properties and is often used to end combos.
    • Youshinjin (412P during block): A very quick counter, used primarily as an anti-air.
    • Mawarikomi (412K during block): Baiken will quickly dash behind her opponent after blocking their attack. Useful for escaping from corner pressure or getting in a quick counter throw.
    • Sakura (412S during block): A quick slash with an invincible start up that can lead to various combo options.
    • Ou Ren (421H during block): Baiken performs an overhead attack, knocking her opponent to the ground.
    Force Break:
    • Baku (421D during block): Baiken will perform a dust counter with an invincible start up. If it hits the following inputs can be used for different effects:
    • Baku Sakura (P during Baku): This seal will prevent the opponent from dashing, back dashing and jumping.
    • Baku Tsuki (K during Baku): This seal will cause the opponent to enter a counter-hit state for a period of time.
    • Baku Tsuru (S during Baku): This seal allows Baiken to land one unblockable attack.
    Overdrive Attacks:
    • Kasane Sanzu Watashi (236236S): Baiken will slash forwards with her katana for 3 hits, causing massive damage.
    Instant Kill:
    • Garyou Tensei (after pressing PKSH - 236236H): Baiken will charge toward her opponent slicing at them with her katana. Upon making contact, both her and the opponent will appear behind a traditional Japanese screen door, after a brief pause, the blood of her opponent will splatter onto the screen door before they collapse. This is a high risk move, as it can easily be blocked or jumped.


    • Baiken's full name is Baiken Seishino, pronounced Bai-ken, not bacon...
    • She is modeled on a mixture of Himura Kenshin and the traditional Japanese Samurai.
    • Due to the nature of sprites, if Baiken is played from the opposite side of the screen it appears as though she is missing her left arm and right eye.

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