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Bakugan battle brawlers is a battle arena style video game, patterning the live action card game of the same name.  Two to four players will toss their Baukgan balls into the ring with the hopes of landing on one of the "gate cards" set in the arena.  The player has the option of directing the ball using the wii-mote to tilt control. The tilt-control is only availble for a limited duration.  If two player's bakugan land onto the same gate card, a brawl mini game is initiated.   Players have the option to increase their bakugan g-power with power up cards.  After the power up phase, one of three randomly selected mini games begin.  The goal of the mini games is to further increase your g-power.  The Bakugan with the highest g-power at the end of the mini game wins the battle.  A round is won win a player wins a bakugan brawl or lands two bakugan on the same gate card.  A complete battle is won when one player wins three rounds. 
The game contains two primary modes of game play, a story mode and a battle mode.  In the story mode, a player fights battles to collect points that can be spent on purchasing more powerful bakugan and cards or powering up existing bakugan.  Players then enter into tournaments to advance the story.  In the battle mode, players can take control of characters from the television show and battle against each other.  There are characters and battle locations that are only unlocked by playing the story mode.

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