Bakusou Yankee Tamashii

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released May 23, 2003

    A Japan-only MMORPG with a Japanese high school motorcycle gangwars setting.

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    Bakusou Yankee Tamashii was a Japan-only MMORPG published by Square Enix. The game provided players a chance to be part of warring motorcycle gangs, fighting amongst each other in a variety of mini-games. Despite the emphasis on motorcycle gangs, the game did not feature any real racing.

    The main goal of the game was for players to control territory in the game world by challenging other players in motorcycle gang related mini-games, such as doing stunts and playing chicken. The game also had more social activities, such as skipping class and leaving restaurants without paying.Bakusou Yankee Tamashii included character creation, which mostly focused on creating wild hairstyles for the player's avatar.

    Bakusou Yankee Tamashii was released officially in late 2003, after being in beta a short beta. Although the game was provided for free, the game attracted very few players and servers were shut down at the end of 2004.


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