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The Best of the Infinity Engine RPGs

Baldur's Gate II perfects almost all of the failings of its predecessor and delivers a memorable and spellbinding adventure well above and beyond its dollar value.

Taking the almost perfect combat of the Original BG and refining it further, tweaking the classes, and adding a compelling reason to be killing monsters, hoarding loot and equipping exciting items, Baldur's Gate II earns its place as flagship RPG whenever people discuss the genre.

While its almost impossible to match the fluidity and excitement of RPing in a proper tabletop DnD game, one way for game developers to help circumvent that is to provide the player with choice (or atleast the illusion of choice) and a strong story to drive their swashbuckling and spellweaving forward.

While the game is no Planescape Torment or the Last of Us or Mass Effect, it does more then enough to entice you to new and exciting locations with your new virtual friends and companions.

Unlike the original Baldur's Gate your companions this time around actually have dialog and personalities beyond their sound-bytes. They have motivations and commentary on who your traveling with and the spectacles you'll see. At the time of its release this title really broke the mold with the addition of such character to the tried and true formula of killing monsters for loot.

If you're a fan of DnD and the Forgotten Realms, especially if you've already survived the Original, then you owe it to yourself to play this one!

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