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    Balphagore is a corpse-eating daemon who fights for the Hellbourne in Heroes of Newerth.

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    Balphagore is a 4 eyed daemon with an exceptionally large, glowing belly. He has claws coming out of his arm pits and his waist, plus his rib cage is outside of his body, all it seems to protect his stomach, add to that the 2 horns coming out of his shoulders and you have some spectacular natural defenses. On top of that, Balphagore equipped himself with a massive Axe on his right hand, a ring with metal spikes on his tail and replaced his left arm with a big sword.
    As the battle rages, Balphagore eats the remains of foe and friend alike, storing their flesh and bones in his gut. He can vomit them at the enemy or re-assemble them into demonic minions to do his bidding. He can also infect Legion heroes with a deadly pathogen that spreads like the common cold and, given the right conditions, unleash a massive ring of fire, anhihilating all who are nearby.
    Some of his most notable unit reactions are: "I'm hungry", "get in my belly!", "I'd eat you (the player) too, but I'm trying to watch my colesterol intake", "I'm not fat, I'm big boned" and "where I'm from, the succubi can't get their hands off me". 


    Balphagore is a Ganker, his regurgitate ability can slow down an enemy while his 5 minions just keep wailing on the guy and his silence ability keeps him from pulling any tricks. He's also a great pusher, able to destroy a tower easily and quickly, again, with the aid of his minions.



    He vomits the contents of his stomach at the enemy, dealing magic damage and slowing them down. When he is done, he is free to re-ingest the bodies.

    Demonic Pathogen

    Balphagore infects an enemy unit with a disease, making them unable to cast any spells and causing them to lose health rapidly. After a few seconds, the disease is transmitted to any enemy who is nearby.

    Corpse Conversion

    With a few clever stomach movements, Balphagore reassembles his stomach content into fully working and subservient tiny daemons.

    Hell on Newerth

    As spells are cast around him, he collects enough energy in his gut to do some serious damage. He must use it quickly, though, because it rapidly dissipates.

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