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    Balthier is a suave sky pirate, who is along for the ride to save the kingdom of Dalmasca in Final Fantasy XII. He and his partner, Fran, follow Vaan and the rest of the party in hopes of closing up his past and finding treasure.

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    Final Fantasy XII

    Balthier first appears in Final Fantasy XII. Along with his companion Fran, he attempts to steal the Dusk Shard from the Dalmascan Royal Palace. Things go awry when Vaan,  a young street urchin, steals it first and the rebels assault the Palace. It is through this series of coincidences that Balthier and Fran fall in with Ashe, Basch, Vaan and Penelo and the wider conflict over Dalmasca.

    A notorious sky pirate, Balthier has a considerable bounty on his head. This impacts the party’s quest as bounty hunters such as Ba’Gamnan are constantly in pursuit.

    Eventually it is revealed that Balthier was once a Judge, but left it all behind for the life of a sky pirate after falling out with his maniacal father, Dr. Cid.

    In the final battle on the Sky Fortress Bahamut, Balthier and Fran are trapped on board when it crashes to earth. Although seemingly dead at first, it is revealed at the end of the game that Balthier and Fran survive, retrieving the Strahl from Vaan and Penelo and leaving a note for the now Queen Ashe.



    Balthier shares a distant and bitter relationship with his father, the evil Dr. Cid ( Cidolfus Demen Bunansa), an Arcadian scientist.        


    Balthier is the captain of an  airship called the Strahl. Airships feature in virtually all Final Fantasy games and are nearly always supplied by a character called Cid. In this case, it is Cid's son who provides the airship.
    "Princess! No need to worry. I hope you haven't forgotten my role in this little story. I'm the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man? He never dies."
    - Balthier

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