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Almost wholesome

Back in 2002 the first entry of the Guitar Hero series was released. The series is known for 2 things. The first things was the hyper realistic controller, which single handedly created a new generation of rock music makers, or ?rollers?, saving the genre as a whole. The next is the horrid music in the game. Despite being fun and easy enough for anyone to pick up and play. Question is why would you want to? The track listing is all satanic bull crap that only sounds half good to deviants. I mean, really why would you ever want to listen to 'Black Hole Sun' by the Foo Fighters, much less play it!

The music choice was so small, it could only be sold a certain group. Where was the techno like Daft Punk? Where was the country like Johnny Cash? Where was the R&B like Kanye West? It just made no sense.

However, now we have a new Guitar Hero style game that is accessible for all ages and all msuic lovers. Band Hero!

Band Hero is a ?spin off? of the Guitar Hero series. A spin off is when an idea similar to the original concept in the same world is ?Spun off?into it's own game. The idea originated in TV shows but Guitar Hero has decided to make it something common in video games as well. With such smutty spin offs as ?Guitar Hero: Metallica? and ?Guitar Hero: Van Halen? they finally decided to make a game that doesn't make you ashamed to own it.

Band Hero features an upgraded version of the Guitar controller from previous entries with new features like a ?Whammy bar? and even the normal buttons on the wii controller so you can use it to navigate the menus of the game. However the game also allows you to use controllers from previous entries instead in case you don't want to have to buy another controller. Just another show of Activision's generosity. I bought a new one because I couldn't have the old controllers in my house. What if my pastor came by!?

Band Hero has an amazing set list of family friendly songs. Some of my favorites are ?ABC? by the Jackson 5 and ?Beautiful soul? by Jesse McCartney. And there's others too! Like ?Just a girl? by No Doubt that tells how women are overwhelmed by modern problems like sex, and drugs. Things Guitar hero advocated! I think Activision is apologizing for their past evils. And who can forget the wonderful and wholesome Taylor Swift? Thankfully her wild streak song ?Mine? isn't here.

However there's a host of horrible music here as well. Did you think ?Black Hole Sun? was bad? How about ?Mr.Roboto? by Styx? If that wasn't bad enough, how about ?The Rolling Stones? or ?Finger Eleven.? The names just seep sin.

But the worst offender is easily ?The Gorillas.? Their horrendous music sounds like the devil fiddlin' away on some sort of DJ turntable. ?Feel Good inc.?? More like ?Feel like a cocaines up druggie?!

Band Hero also adds to core gameplay with a new feature called ?Star power?. Star power is when your so good at a song you become a superstar, and the crowd forgives some of your mistakes. I saw ti as a cheat and never used it, but it does have a neat effect of turning your notes into blue stars.

Band Hero does a lot of good. The additions to gameplay are fantastic game changing additions. On top of this the graphics are amazing photo-realistic graphics, it's impossible to tell the game characters from the actual singers. However some questionable song decisions keep it from being really family friendly. But it's a preferable alternative to communism I mean, Guitar Hero.

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