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    The Baneling is an explosive unit, excellent at blowing up defences or large groups of enemies. It is evolved from the Zergling.

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    Initially thought to be a new Zerg strain, the Baneling is actually an evolved Zergling. First appearing during the Siege of Cask, the Zergling was driven by the Queen to incorporate local fungi into their bodies, resulting in the Baneling. The Zergling's claws shrivel and instead, a large bulbous sac containing toxic chemicals is carried on its back. Upon reaching the enemy, the Baneling initiates the chemical reaction to detonate itself, spewing acid all around.

    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

    TypeGround Biological
    RoleSuicide Unit
    Cost25 minerals 25 gas
    Build Time20s
    Transport Slots2
    Hit Points30
    Armor0 (+1 for every Zerg Carapace Upgrade)
    ArmamentVolatile Burst
    Attack (ground)20 (+15 vs light) (+2/+2 for every Zerg Melee Upgrade)
    Attack (structure)80 (+5 for every Zerg Melee Upgrade)
    Movement Speed2.5 (+0.4531 with Centrifugal Hooks)
    Evolved FromZergling
    RequiresBaneling Nest
    UpgradeCostResearch TimeRequiresEffect
    Centrifugal Hooks150 minerals 150 gas110sLairIncreases Baneling Speed



    The Baneling is incredibly effective against small units and melee units such as Zealots and Marines. They don't fare so well against ranged units and units that deal splash damage. They are commonly created en masse and sent against enemy forces. Banelings can be burrowed, essentially giving the Zerg an improvised spider mine. Banelings can also be loaded to Overlords in a tactic known as Baneling bombing.

    StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

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    The Baneling appears in the Heart of the Swarm Campaign. Like the Wings of Liberty Campaign, Zerg units can be mutated to create stronger versions, fueled by Kerrigan. Initially only two mutations are available but after those are researched, a third mutation is available as well as the ability to evolve the Baneling even further.

    UpgradeMutagen RequiredEffect
    Centrifugal Hooks1Increase Baneling Speed
    Viscous Discharge1Baneling Acid slows down units hit for a short period of time
    Rupture2Baneling splash radius increased by 25%
    Evolve Baneling2Evolve the Baneling into either the Gorgeling or the Splitterling

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