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    Bang Shishigami

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    Bang Shishigami is a self-parodying ninja from BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. His Drive Ability: Burning Heat enables him to use the full extent of his ninjutsu skills.

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    Bang Shishigami is the self-parodying ninja of Ikaruga who claims to "fight for love and justice" almost everywhere he goes. Apparently, he was trying to defend his master, Lord Tenjo, during the Ikaruga Civil War and ordered his comrades to retreat from battle so the spirit of Ikaruga would live on even if the Library burned down the country (which it did). As Bang tried to reach Tenjo, he found that Jin Kisaragi had already sliced his head off and turned the flaming building into ice, but somehow Bang ended up surviving the battle in that frozen castle. Eventually, he drifted into the city of Kagutsuchi along with the other survivors of Ikaruga, forming a new version of Ikaruga in one corner of the city though others refer to it as "Ronin-gai." He harbors a deep grudge against Jin and swears to one day defeat him along with anyone else who he feels threatens the security of his people, his city, or even his new crush, " Miss Litchi." Despite his overtures to win Litchi's heart, she doesn't seem to return them, but that doesn't stop him from trying.

    Basically, Bang appears to see himself as an all-encomposing superhero. For example, while others are hunting down Ragna for the money or his Azure Grimoire, Bang attacks him because he sees Ragna as an evil character, then abruptly leaves after he thinks he won even though Ragna gets up seconds later and mutters something about pretending to lose so that Bang would just leave already. Litchi also mentions somewhere that Bang appears to have an abnormally-high tolerance for pain (like a cartoon character) to the point where he didn't even notice he was suffering from food poisoning until it made him so sick he briefly fell unconscious. In the game and the story, Bang is known for calling out the names of virtually all of his attacks like a generic action anime character. Even during his recovery he shouts "THIS IS AN UKEMI!" In one story arc, when Yukianesa strangely freezes Jin's entire body, Bang tries to impress Noel by using his fire magic to free him and chants a long spell, but sneezes on the last word of his spell and ends up spreading the fire everywhere except for Jin. Rather than fix it, he runs away and leaves Noel with the frozen Jin.

    Bang is an interesting character with decent attack power. With the right timing, his Drive ability can automatically counter up to two successive, close-range hits and then respond with a fiery attack depending on the button pressed afterwards. If the player accomplishes at least four of these counters and has at least 50% in their heat gauge, they can unleash his "Fu Rin Ka Zan," whereupon Bang's own theme song replaces whatever is playing in the background, the screen catches on fire, and Bang himself starts glowing as he becomes faster and stronger than before (supposedly, though simply trying to move Bang results in him dashing forward and backward) and the effect lasts until the round ends. Bang can also toss several different kinds of shuriken at the enemy, including one that poisons and another that traps the enemy in a sticky web for a few seconds. One of his Distortion Drives causes him to toss an umbrella in the air over his opponent where it will proceed to drop sharp metal darts until it runs out or Bang gets smacked. Another special move allows him to use that giant nail on his back and plant it in the air, allowing him to extend his jump or air-dash whenever he touches it.


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