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  "The bishop is a powerful mage equally skilled in offense, restorative and supportive magicks.
The Bishop is a Job that is exclusive to the Bangaa and the only spellcasting job available for them. The Job appears in both Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2. In order to acquire this job, a Bangaa White Monk is required to master at least two skills, this is the case for both titles. Bishops are also limited to equipping a Staff as a weapon.



Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Bishop can learn the following skills: 
SkillStaff Required
MP Cost
 Cura Cure Staff
 Bless Staff
 Holy Nirvana Staff
 Barrier Garnet Staff
 Judge Cheer Staff
 Spring Staff
 AeroJudge Staff
 Break Snake Staff


Final Fantasy Tactics A2

Bishops can learn the following skills:
Item Required
MP Cost
 Cura Healing Staff
 4 14
 Dispel Staff of Blessings
 3 12
 Holy Nirvana 3 32
 Barrier Pomegranate Staff
 3 8
 Water Spring Staff
 3 14
 Aero Judicer's Staff
 3 14
 Break Serpent Staff
 3 24
 Pilfer Cheer Staff
 3 6


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