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  "The warrior is a master of melee combat, wielding one and two-handed swords with ease."
Bangaa Warriors are a Bangaa-Exclusive and a starter Job in both Final Fantasy Tactics Advance  and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. They are a general warrior class and have much in common with the Hume starting Job, "Soldier." They are more offensively strong than the Soldier and are able to use two-handed weapons. Warriors are able to use the "Arts of War" techniques which damage certain stats such as attack and defense. Being a starting Job, upon mastering two abilities, the Bangaa Warrior is able to change jobs to the Bangaa Dragoon, a spear-using melee unit or a Bangaa Gladiator, an offense focused melee class which can add elemental damage to their attacks.



Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Bangaa Warrior can use the following Skills:
SkillWeapon Required
 First Aid
 Powerbreak Samson Sword
 Mindbreak Buster Sword
 Speedbreak Silver Sword
 Body Slam
 Greased Bolt
 Gale Sword


Final Fantasy Tactics A2

The Bangaa Warrior can use the following Skills:
SkillsWeapon Required
 First Aid
 Rend Power
 Samson Sword
 Rend Magick
 Buster Sword
 Rend Speed
 Silver Sword
 Rend MP
 Body Slam
 Lifetap Restorer
 Greased Lightning
 Gale Sword

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