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    Bangaa are a Race in the Final Fantasy Franchise, hailing from the world of Ivalice. They can be found in Final Fantasy XII and the Tactics games.

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     The Bangaa are a race of tall, lizard-like people who dwell in the land of Ivalice. They are slightly taller than the Hume, Ivalice's Human-like Race and have thick skin and long, slender heads. The Bangaa are an incredibly agile and strong race who also possess acute senses of smell and hearing but have poor eyesight. Because of this, many Bangaa wear a blindfold as part of their outfit. It is also impossible to physically tell the gender of a Bangaa until they begin to talk.


     The Bangaa are the most socially integrated into the Hume society, whom they are most friendly with and as such, most similar to. The Bangaa deem the description "Lizard" to be a be an slur and are offended when described as such as it compares them to the lizardmen, a primitive relative to the Bangaa.


    In the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance titles, Bangaa are more suited to physical combat classes such the Warrior and White Monk. The Bangaa are terrible spell casters due to their long snout and rough vocal cords, but they do have a spell-casting class known as the Bishop.

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