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Bangai-O Spirits is the sequel to Bangai-O, and is a multi-directional shooter developed by Treasure and released for the Nintendo DS in 2008. In Bangai-O Spirits, the player controls a robot with the ability to fly and must navigate through levels spanning 2D. These levels can extend horizontally or vertically and have gravity which effects the robots trajectory.
The game features a unique way of transferring custom levels between DSs: sound encoding. Using this technique, the levels are encoded into a sound file so they can be shared using online video aggregator sites. By simply holding the DS close to speakers playing these encoded files, the microphone picks it up and receives the level. There are 160 original levels included on the cartridge.


Several gameplay changes have been made since Bangai-O.


New weapons are available to choose from such as various missiles, melee weapons and a defensive shield. 

Charged EX Attack
Charged EX Attack
EX Weapons

Homing, napalm, rebound, break, direction, reflector and freeze are all EX Weapons available to the player.  Only two can be chosen by the player.  In previous games you could not combine EX Attacks.  You can also use an EX Attack which can be charged and will then release missiles.  The longer you charge, or the closer you are to enemy projectiles, the more missiles will be unleashed with a maximum of 100.  The freeze EX Attack will freeze the screen while the direction EX Attack focuses your attack on a single enemy. 

Other Abilities

  • Dashing is a new ability which makes the robot run quickly, which can damage and knock back enemies.  However, the player cannot fire while dashing. 
  • Knocking enemies back is also a new feature and can only be accomplished using the bat, dash or relect EX Attack.  A knocked enemy will fly backwards, knocking down other enemies.

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