Anyone Still Buildin'?

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Post here if you see this thread. I want to know how many people come to this board only to leave disappointed when they find out that a solid year has past since the last post (besides this one of course).

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No, but you totally made me want to make the two hour trip to my parents' place and dig out my copy of Nuts and Bolts. This game is so good, why didn't I ever finish it?

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Man, I haven't played Nuts & Bolts in a while! I really should sit down with it again sometime and start a new game.

Then again, I spend ample amounts of time with Viva Pinata still, so there's that.

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I really didn't like the single player for this game at all as compared to Banjo-Kazooie or Banjo-Tooie but the vehicle building itself... So good... It's worth the price of admission alone. In fact, if they unlocked all the parts for you, took out the single player and just had the garage and multiplayer, I would still buy it.

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Seriously? 200+ views and only 5 replies? Don't make me laugh. If you see this thread and you have an account, you are obligated to post something here, you jerk!

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