Hyperdrive Tutorial Request.

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So I got my 131 jiggies and all the parts and decided to have a look at the web and saw some wow stuff like the rotorblades that actually spin (got that working... badly) and now I see there's a crazy hyperdrive made out of wheels.  The only stuff about it is on the Banjo forums but the galleries are screwed so all the good diagrams are missing.  Anybody have a really good description of one.  I've looked at the Pillar of Autumn video on Youtube but it's just bogged down in too much clag.

Anyone else think the game looks amazing?  I spend ages just flying around doing nothing just like the birdman stuff in Pilotwings 64.

EDIT:  Messed around for a stupid amount of time and now I've got myself a working hyperdrive on a plane.  It's not too pretty but it's mental fast.  If anyone's interested then I could do some pictures and possibly if you know how to use Modio upload the blueprint files so you could resign them as your own.

I feel like I can put this game to bed now.

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