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In Bank Heist, the player navigates a getaway car through a maze-like city, robbing banks while attempting to avoid the police.  The player robs a bank by simply running over it; however, robbing a bank will cause a police car to appear and give chase.  Up to three police cars will be active at one time.  The player must avoid the police cars, or destroy them by dropping dynamite in their path.  An exit path on the right side of the screen allows the player to move to a new city.  However, the getaway car has a limited amount of fuel.  Running out of fuel causes the player to lose a life, but the car is refueled a certain amount upon moving to a new city.  Robbing at least nine banks before leaving a city will cause the getaway car to be fully refueled upon changing cities. Points are tallied as money, which is earned by robbing banks, destroying police cars, or escaping a city having robbed nine or more banks.  The game select switch can be used to begin play at a later level. 

Difficulty Switches 

Left Switch:  
  • A: The cops will always chase the player.
  • B: The cops will move according to a set pattern
Right Switch:  
  • A: Banks will appear in random places.
  • B: Banks will appear in set places.

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