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    Mythological creatures who bring destruction with their screams. Most commonly take the form of a woman.

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    Banshees are mythical undead creatures which are also known as wailing spirits or the mournful women which shows that banshees can talk the language they knew in life .

    The Banshees mytholgical history is uncertain . Many board games like Dungeons & Dragons claim that Banshees were female Elves in their formal life which either they have sinned and that resulted as a punishment from their gods to suffer after life , or later editions were saying that powerful necromancers could animate dead female elves as Banshees , even if the Elves are pure creatures and cannot turn to Undead.

    Banshees are very powerful spirits, that even the mere sight of this undead spirit can terrify anything and anyone! Their touch can make living creatures feel powerless, listless and tired . Their screams or wails can kill any living creature from a log distance.


    Many games used Banshees as villains like Fable 2 that the hero could often face this dreadful creature in deserted town or villages .

    Other games like Warcraft 3 were using Banshees in the Undead faction as a spell caster creature that could even enslave enemy units . Also on Warcraft 3 the Frozen throne banshees played a vital role for the undead campaign .

    Other games like Heroes of Might and Magic V had the banshees as level 3 tier creature that in large numbers was very hard to defeat .

    Mass Effect 3 introduced Banshees to the series in the form of Asari who had been converted to fight for the Reapers.


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