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    A powerful sports car, built on the Dodge Viper and Chevrolet Corvette C4.

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    Grand Theft Auto III and GTA : Liberty City Stories

    A Banshee  (Mark III).
    A Banshee (Mark III).
    The Banshee in Grand Theft Auto III was a fairly weak vehicle, but it was also the fastest vehicle in the game. The Banshee was available as a convertible only. The Banshee shared a few similarities with the first generation Dodge Viper convertible, such as the rear lights and the overall body shape. All Banshees had an original colour with a different colour stripe running down it. The Banshee could be found in Capital Autos, Harwood, behind the glass. 

    The Banshee in Liberty City Stories is quite similar to that of the GTA III model. The only reason that they are together is that they are both the same model of car. The Banshee in Liberty City Stories can be found in the same place as it could be found in GTA III. The only difference is that you must complete TEN LEVELS of the Car Salesman side mission. The only difference between the two Banshees is that, very rarely, you can get one that has no stripe. On all the occasions I have even gotten a solid coloured Banshee, they have been green.

    Statistically, this iteration of the Banshee could be called the Banshee Mark 2, as it is the second version of the Banshee in a GTA game (chronological order). The Mark 1 Banshee would have been the version in Vice City.

    Grand Theft Auto : Vice City and Vice City Stories

    A Banshee  (Mark I)
    A Banshee (Mark I)
    The Banshee in Grand Theft Auto : Vice City was based on the Chevrolet Corvette C4. It was quite weak, but it was one of the fastest vehicles in the game. It was not THE fastest, but it was near the top. The Banshee (Mark I technically) had only two definite spawns - normally, it would just spawn as you were driving. The most reliable spawn for the Mark I Banshee was either the car park in the first island beside the AmmuNation and Pay 'N' Spray. The other spawn was beside Cortez's boat dock.

    The Vice City Stories Banshee was exactly the same as the Vice City Banshee. The two vehicles were identical to look at, and they performed just as well. 

    Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas

    A Banshee  (Mark II)
    A Banshee (Mark II)
    The Banshee in Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas was based on the Dodge Viper convertible, just like the Mark III. This version of the Banshee is the Mark II. It is not a Mark III, as the front lights are slightly different to those of the Mark III version. The Banshee Mark II can be found most easily on The Strip in Las Venturas. As a vehicle, the Mark II has the heaviest handling of all the different versions. The top speed is reasonably similar to the Mark III, but the handling is much heavier. The Mark II Banshee can be modified at Transfenders. 

    There are versions of the Banshee that are a solid colour, and versions that have a stripe running along them. There are no Banshees in San Andreas that have a hardtop. Those that do are modified into a PC version of the game. 

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    The Banshee in GTA IV is clearly based on the Dodge Viper SRT-10. The handling on the Mark IV Banshee is much improved over the Mark I, II and III. The Mark IV was the first Banshee that was available with a Hard top and as a convertible. The handling on the Mark IV is quite light, and the vehicle itself is very fast. If you take a corner at high speed, the rear of the car will break free. Thankfully, it is easy to correct the slide. 

    The Banshee Mark IV is available in several different versions. Here are all of them :

    Solid Colour, Convertible
    Striped, Convertible
    Solid Colour, Hardtop
    Striped, Hardtop

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