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    An image thought to be worshipped by the Knights Templar, the goat-faced demon Baphomet is known today as a Satanic symbol of evil.

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    Baphomet in Megami Tensei II.
    Baphomet in Megami Tensei II.

    When the Knights Templar became too powerful, the French King Philip IV accused them of worshiping a false idol named Baphomet. Though the evidence was often from tortured confessions, it was enough to begin the downfall of the Templars and the economic hold they had on Europe in the 14th century.

    Baphomet's name may actually be a French corruption of "Mohammed" dating to as early as the 12th century, but his depiction quickly was distanced from this possible origin. As the more familiar demon associated with the Knights Templar, he is apparently quite fond of orgies and is often depicted as a hermaphrodite.

    Ragnarok Online

    The Baphomet Sprite
    The Baphomet Sprite

    In Ragnarok Online, Baphomet is a boss type character known as an MVP. Baphomet will spawn in two locations in Rune-Midgard: The Endless Tower on floor 75 and in the Prontera Labyrinth Forest. When Baphomet spawns he also spawns with four Baphomet Jr. If the number of minion Baphomet Jr. drops below 3 he will then spawn 6 new ones.


    • HP - 668,000
    • Race - Demon
    • Level - 81
    • Elemental Property - Shadow 3
    • Size - Large
    • Hit (100%) - 406
    • Flee (95%) - 437
    • Movement Speed - Very Fast
    • Attack Strength - 3150-5134
    • Attack Speed - 161.6
    • Defensive Strength - 379 (+55)
    • Magic Defensive Strength - 45
    • Attack Range - 2 Cells
    • Spell Range - 10 Cells
    • Sight Range - 12 Cells

    Elemental Resistances

    The elemental resistances are how much of the players attack damage with a particular element will do. 100% is full strength while 0% means it will do no damage. Some elements do more damage than normal if the percentage is over 100%.

    ElementDamage Percentage


    Fighting Baphomet
    Fighting Baphomet

    Baphomet has 12 skills that he can use at any time while fighting players:

    • Teleport Level 1
    • Guided Attack Level 5
    • Break Armor Level 10
    • Heal Level 10
    • Dark Breath Level 5
    • Power Up Level 5
    • Brandish Spear Level 10
    • Snap Level 1
    • Earthquake Level 5
    • Lord of Vermillion Level 10
    • Dark Strikel 10
    • Hell's Judgement Level 5
    • Call Slave Level 1


    Baphomet Card from Ragnarok Online
    Baphomet Card from Ragnarok Online

    With an MVP character there are normal drops that anyone has a chance to pick up and there are MVP drops. With an MVP drop the player that does the most damage automatically receives one MVP item per MVP kill.

    • Elunium - 54.32% Chance
    • Oridecon - 41.72% Chance
    • Emperium - 5% Chance
    • Majestic Goat - 3% Chance
    • Crescent Scythe - 4% Chance
    • Crescent Scythe (1 Slot) - 0.51% Chance
    • Majestic Goat (1 Slot) - 0.11% Chance
    • Baphomet Card - 0.02% Chance

    MVP Drops

    • Evil Horn - 38% Chance
    • Yggdrasil Berry - 20% Chance
    • Baphomet Doll - 4% Chance

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