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    The Barbarian is one of the five new classes introduced in Diablo II, a mammoth of a man who uses his brute strength and warcries against the enemy as a one-man army. The class is the first to ever return in a subsequent Diablo game, and it is implied that the Barbarian character in Diablo III, if male, is the same man who fought Diablo twenty years earlier in Diablo II.

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    Character Development

    The Barbarian is the tank and best melee fighter in terms of survivability in Diablo 2, which is reflected in his stat and skill development. Barbarians are brave, even reckless, and their warrior skills make them well suited to adventure. Barbarians have a powerful rang that makes them stronger and better able to withstand attacks. They only have the energy for a few such displays per day, but it is usually sufficient. Constant exposure to danger has also given barbarians a sort of "sixth sense." the preternatual ability to sense danger and dodge attacks, and their running stamina is legendary.

    Stats and Resources in Diablo II

    Stat/ResourceStarting ValuesBenefit per Point/Character Level
    Strength30+ Melee Damage
    Dexterity20+ Attack Rating, Defense Rating, Block Chance
    Vitality25+ 4 Life, 1 Stamina
    Energy10+ 1 Mana
    Hit Points55+ 2 per level
    Stamina92+ 1 per level
    Mana10+ 1 per level

    Skills in Diablo II

    The Barbarian's 3 skill trees focus on his effectiveness and survivability in combat. With his Combat Mastery tree the Barbarian increases his effectiveness in combat; all skills in this tree are passive meaning they require no user intervention beyond putting a point in the said skill for them to be put in effect. The Barbarian also has Combat Skills which are the active, mana-using skills he has such as Bash, Whirlwind, and the essential Leap Attack. Finally, the Barbarian gets his Warcry tree. This skill tree, which is essentially a bunch of grunts and stomps, buffs the Barbarian, and all nearby party members and can also be used to debuff enemies.

    Skill TreeSkillReq. Level


    Sends nearby monsters scrambling away in fear.

    Find Potion

    Use on the corpse of a slain monster for a chance to find a potion.


    Enrages a monster into relentlessly attacking.


    Warns of impending danger and improves the defense rating of you and your party.

    Find Item

    Use on the corpse of a slain monster to find hidden treasures.

    Battle Cry

    Fearsome cry that decreases enemies' defense rating and damage.

    Battle Orders

    Improves the maximum mana, life, and stamina of you and your party.

    Grim Ward

    Use on the corpse of a slain monster to create a frightening totem that causes nearby monsters to flee.

    War Cry

    Injures and stuns all nearby enemies.

    Battle Command

    Increases all current skill levels for you and your party.
    Combat Masteries

    Sword Mastery

    Passive - Improves sword fighting skill.

    Axe Mastery

    Passive - Improves axe fighting skill.

    Mace Mastery

    Passive - Improves mace fighting skill.

    Polearm Mastery

    Passive - Improves polearm skill.

    Throwing Mastery

    Passive - Improves thrown weapon skill.

    Spear Mastery

    Passive - Improves spear fighting skill.

    Increased Stamina

    Passive - Increases your stamina.

    Iron Skin

    Passive - Improves defense rating.

    Increased Speed

    Passive - Increases walk and run speed.

    Increased Resistance

    Passive - Increases natural resistances to elemental and poison damage.
    Combat Skills


    Powerful blow that increases the damage done to enemies and knocks them back.


    Leaps away from danger or into the fray.

    Double Swing

    When two weapons are equipped, attacks two targets if possible.


    Stuns your target for a short time and increases your attack rating.

    Double Throw

    Allows you to throw two different throwing weapons at the same time.

    Leap Attack

    Leaps to and attacks target enemy in one swift assault.


    Attack that is not interruptible and improves attack and defense rating.


    Allows you to swing two weapons at once. Each successful attack increases your overall speed. Requires two weapons.


    A whirling dance of death that cuts a path through the legions of your enemies.


    A powerful but reckless attack that increases damage and attack rating but decreases defense rating.

    Skills in Diablo III


    Ancient Spear: Throws a spear with a chain attached to it. If it hits the spear deals damage, and then pulls the target back to the Barbarian. After pulled the target it's movement speed is slowed.

    No Caption Provided
    • Grappling Hooks : Throw 3 spears. Each spear will pull back the enemy that it hits.
    • Skirmish : Increases Fury gained.
    • Dread Spear : Gain Life equal to a % of the damage inflicted.
    • Harpoon : Pierce through multiple enemies in a straight line and drag them all back.
    • Rage Flip : Enemies hit with Ancient Spear are pushed back and damage is increased.

    Bash: A powerful attack that does a bonus weapon damage.

    No Caption Provided
    • Clobber : Instead of Knockback, each hit has a chance to Stun the target.
    • Onslaught : Add 2 reverberations that cause weapon damage per strike. Removes the chance for Knockback.
    • Punish : Increases the damage of your skills for 5 seconds after using Bash. This effect stacks up to 3 times.
    • Instigation : Generate additional Fury per attack.
    • Pulverize : Cause a shockwave that inflicts weapon damage to enemies in a line behind the targeted enemy.

    Battle Rage: increases damage done and increases critical damage done.

    No Caption Provided
    • Marauder's Rage : Increase damage bonus.
    • Ferocity : While active, Crits have a chance to increase the duration of Battle Rage.
    • Swords to Ploughshares : While active, Crits have a chance to cause enemies to drop additional health globes.
    • Into the Fray : While active, Crits have a chance to generate additional Fury.
    • Bloodshed : While active, Crits have a chance to cause an explosion that deals damage to nearby enemies.

    Call of the Ancients: Summons three ancient Barbarians; Talic, Korlic and Madawc, who attack his enemies.

    No Caption Provided
    • The Council Rises : The Ancients inflict bonus weapon damage with each attack and have additional Armor.
    • Duty to the Clan : Increase duration.
    • Korlic's Might : Korlic gains Furious Charge which deals a % of your weapon damage to all enemies in a line.
    • Madawc's Madness : Madawc gains Seismic Slam which deals a % of your weapon damage to enemies in an arc.
    • Talic's Anger : Talic gains Leap which deals a % of your weapon damage to enemies in the area of the leap.

    Cleave: The Barbarian swings his sword laterally, eviscerating multiple enemies in close range.

    No Caption Provided
    • Rupture : Enemies slain by Cleave explode, causing a % of weapon damage to enemies near by.
    • Reaping Swing : Generate additional Fury per enemy hit.
    • Scattering Blast : Crits, knock enemies back and inflict a % of weapon damage to enemies where they land.
    • Broad Sweep : Increase damage of Cleave.Gathering Storm : Enemies cleaved have their movement speed reduced.

    Earthquake: Shakes the earth violently, causing massive damage to all nearby enemies.

    No Caption Provided
    • Giant's Stride : Secondary tremors follow your movement and inflict damage as Fire.
    • Chilling Earth : Earthquake's damage turns Cold and Slow the movement of enemies.
    • The Mountain's Call : Removes the Fury cost and reduces the cooldown.
    • Aftershocks : Secondary tremors knock enemies back and inflict damage as Fire.
    • Path of Fire : Project secondary tremors ahead of you that inflict damage as Fire.

    Frenzy: A stacking ability that increases weapon damage and attack speed of attacks.

    No Caption Provided
    • Sidearm : Each strike has a chance to throw a piercing axe that deals damage to all enemies in its path.
    • Triumph : Killing an enemy with Frenzy heals you.
    • Vanguard : While under the effects of Frenzy, you gain increased movement speed.
    • Smite : Add a chance to call down a bolt of lightning from above, stunning your target.
    • Maniac : Each Frenzy effect also increases your damage.

    Furious Charge: Charge directly at an enemy, smashing everything in the way.

    No Caption Provided
    • Battering Ram : Increase damage at the destination.
    • Merciless Assault : Cooldown is reduced for every target hit. This effect can reduce the cooldown by up to 10 seconds.
    • Stamina : Generate additional Fury for each target hit while charging.
    • Bull Rush : Any targets who are critically hit by Furious Charge will be stunned.
    • Dreadnought : Regain Life for each target hit by Furious Charge.

    Ground Stomp: The Barbarian pounds the ground causing shock-waves to travel along the ground, stunning nearby enemies.

    No Caption Provided
    • Deafening Crash : Enemies in the area have their movement speed slowed after they recover from being stunned.
    • Wrenching Smash : Increase the area of effect. Enemies are pulled closer before the strike lands.
    • Trembling Stomp : Enemies in the area also take weapon damage.
    • Foot of the Mountain : Increase Fury gained.
    • Avalanche : Enemies are knocked back and inflict weapon damage to enemies in the landing area.

    Hammer of the Ancients: A massive attack that has an increased chance to critically hit.

    No Caption Provided
    • Rolling Thunder : Create a shockwave that deals damage to all nearby enemies in front of you.
    • Smash : Strike a smaller area for more damage.
    • The Devil's Anvil : Create a tremor at the point of impact that slows the movement speed of enemies.
    • Thunderstrike : Whenever you kill an enemy with Hammer of the Ancients all enemies within 10 yards is stunned.
    • Birthright : Critical Hits have a chance to cause enemies to drop treasure or health globes.

    Ignore Pain: Reduce all damage taken for a short amount of time.

    No Caption Provided
    • Bravado : When activated, knocks back all nearby enemies and deal damage to them.
    • Iron Hide : Increases duration.
    • Ignorance is Bliss : While Ignore Pain is active, gain damage dealt as Life.
    • Mob Rule : Extend the effect to nearby allies.
    • Contempt for Weakness : Reflects damage back at the enemy.

    Leap : The Barbarian makes a mighty leap, causing weapon damage to all enemies in an area upon landing.

    No Caption Provided
    • Iron Impact : Gain additional Armor for a short time after landing.
    • Launch : Enemies nearby the origin of the jump are slowed.
    • Toppling Impact : Send enemies hurtling away from where you land.
    • Call of Arreat : Shockwaves increase the radius of effect and pulling affected enemies towards you.
    • Death from Above : Land with such force that enemies have a chance to be stunned.

    Overpower: A powerful attack that deals damage to nearby enemies. Can only be used after scoring a critical hit.

    No Caption Provided
    • Storm of Steel : Throw axes at nearby enemies which inflict weapon damage each.
    • Killing Spree : Your Critical Hit Chance is increased for a short time.
    • Crushing Advance : Reflect incoming melee damage for a short time after Overpower is activated.
    • Momentum : Generate Fury for each enemy hit by Overpower.
    • Revel : Heal for every enemy hit.

    Rend: Perform a vicious blow to all enemies within a small area, dealing weapon damage and an additional physical damage over time.

    No Caption Provided
    • Ravage : Increase the range of Rend to hit all nearby enemies.
    • Blood Lust : Gain damage done by Rend as Life.
    • Lacerate : Increase damage.
    • Mutilate : Increase bleeding duration.
    • Bloodbath : Enemies killed while bleeding cause nearby enemies to start bleeding.

    Revenge: When hit, there is a chance the Barbarian may strike all enemies within range, dealing weapon damage and gaining health for each enemy hit.

    No Caption Provided
    • Vengeance Is Mine : Gain Fury and heal Life for each enemy hit.
    • Best Served Cold : After using Revenge, your Critical Hit Chance is increased for a short time.
    • Retribution : Increase Revenges damage.
    • Grudge : Knocks enemies back whenever Revenge is used.
    • Provocation : Increases the chance Revenge will become active.

    Seismic Slam: A shock-wave that travels linearly toward target enemies, dealing massive damage to them and anything in its path.

    No Caption Provided
    • Stagger : Add a chance of stunning enemies.
    • Shattered Ground : Increase damage and increases Knockback distance.
    • Rumble : The ground continues to shudder after the intitial strike, damaging enemies in the area.
    • Strength from Earth : Reduce the Fury cost.
    • Cracking Rift : Focus the shockwaves along a narrow path to inflict more damage to targets along a shorter path.

    Sprint: Grants the Barbarian a speed boost.

    No Caption Provided
    • Rush : Increases Dodge Chance while sprinting.
    • Run Like the Wind : Tornadoes rage in your wake, each one inflicting damage.
    • Marathon : Increases the movement speed bonus for a short time.
    • Gangway : Slams through enemies, knocking them back and inflicting damage.
    • Forced March : Increase the movement speed of nearby allies for a short time.

    Threatening Shout: Shouts with great ferocity, reducing damage done by enemies within an area.

    No Caption Provided
    • Intimidate : Affected enemies also have their movement speed reduced.
    • Falter : Affected enemies also have their attack speed reduced for a short time.
    • Grim Harvest : Enemies are badly shaken and have a chance to drop additional treasure.
    • Demoralize : Affected enemies are also taunted to attack you for a short time.
    • Terrify : Enemies are severely demoralized. Each enemy has a chance to flee for a short time.

    War Cry: A terrifying cry that provides fury and increases the armor of the Barbarian and all party members within range.

    No Caption Provided
    • Hardened Wrath : Increases the Armor bonus.
    • Charge! : Increases Fury gained.
    • Invigorate : Increases maximum Life and regenerates Life per second while War Cry is active.
    • Veteran's Warning : War Cry also grants a bonus to Dodge Chance.
    • Impunity : All of your resistances are increased while affected by War Cry.

    Weapon Throw: The Barbarian hurls a weapon at his foes, causing weapon damage and slows the target.

    No Caption Provided
    • Mighty Throw : Increase thrown weapon damage.
    • Ricochet : Cause the weapon to ricochet and hit targets nearby.
    • Throwing Hammer : Hurl a hammer with a chance to Stun the target for a short time.
    • Stupefy : Gain a chance of causing your target to be Confused and attack other enemies for a short time.
    • Dread Bomb : Expend all remaining Fury to throw a corpse which inflicts an additional weapon damage for each point of Fury expended to all nearby enemies of the target.

    Whirlwind: The Barbarian swirls like a cyclone, delivering attacks to everything in his path.

    No Caption Provided
    • Dust Devils : Generate harsh tornadoes that inflict damage to enemies in their path.
    • Hurricane : Allows you to move at your movement speed while using Whirlwind.
    • Blood Funnel : Critical Hits restore Life.
    • Wind Shear : Gain Fury for every enemy struck.
    • Volcanic Eruption : Turns Whirlwind into a torrent of magma that inflicts damage as Fire.

    Wrath of the Berserker: Enter a heightened sense of fury, raising several stats (Critical Hit, Attack Speed, Dodge Chance, Movement Speed) for a time. Monsters with damage immunities will take less damage from the Barbarian's attacks rather than being immune.

    No Caption Provided
    • Arreat's Wail : Activating Wrath of the Berserker knocks back all nearby enemies and deals damage to them.
    • Insanity : While active your damage is also increased.
    • Slaughter : While active, Crits have a chance to cause an eruption of blood dealing damage to nearby enemies.
    • Striding Giant : Increases bonus to Dodge Chance.
    • Thrive on Chaos : Fury gained while Wrath of the Berserker is active adds to the duration of the effect.


    Column HeadColumn Head
    2358231-barbarian_passive_animosity_thumAnimosity: Increases fury regeneration and maximum fury.
    2358232-barbarian_passive_berserkerrage_Berserker Rage: Increases damage whilst fury is at maximum.
    2358233-barbarian_passive_bloodthirst_thBloodthirst: Gain life per hit.
    2358234-barbarian_passive_boonofbulkathoBoon of Bul-Kathos: Cooldown of Earthquake, Call of the Ancients and Wrath of the Berserker are reduced.
    2358235-barbarian_passive_brawler_thumb.Brawler: If there are a couple of enemies in the surrounding area, damage is increased.
    2358236-barbarian_passive_inspiringpreseInspiring Presence: Duration of shout is increased and maximum life is increased for a certain amount if time.
    2358237-barbarian_passive_juggernaut_thuJuggernaut: Impairing effects that affect the player is reduced and if Fear, Stun, Immobilize or Charm is casted on the player, there will be a chance of regaining health back.
    2358238-barbarian_passive_nervesofsteel_Nerves of Steel: Armor is increased by the full amount of vitality.
    2358239-barbarian_passive_noescape_thumbNo Escape: Increases damage of Ancient Spear and Weapon Throw. Critical hits do extra bonuses. Ancient Spear resets the cooldowns and Weapon Throw has a chance to gain extra fury.
    2358240-barbarian_passive_poundofflesh_tPound of Flesh: Increases chance of finding globe and grants extra health upon collecting it.
    2358241-barbarian_passive_relentless_thuRelentless : Whilst health is low, skills cost less fury and damage taken is reduced.
    2358242-barbarian_passive_ruthless_thumbRuthless: Increases chance of critical hits and increases damage of the critical hits.
    2358243-barbarian_passive_superstition_tSuperstition: Reduces non physical damage and gain additional fury whenever attacked by ranged or elemental attack.
    2358244-barbarian_passive_toughasnails_tTough as Nails: Increases Armor
    2358245-barbarian_passive_unforgiving_thUnforgiving: Fury is gained instead of lost whilst not fighting.
    2358246-barbarian_passive_weaponsmaster_Weapons Master: Gains bonus from different weapon types. Swords/Dagger add damage, Maces/Axes increases chance for a critical hit, Polearms/Spears increases attack speed and mighty weapons add fury per hit.

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